A Strange Calm over Albury

I’m not sure if I’m sickening for flu but after 50 years of worrying myself senseless over the shenanigans at Charlton, a strange calm has descended over me. I am firmly of the ABR ( anyone but Roland) camp. Even if the new owners run out of money within a season or two of buying the club, eventually, we will end up with a properly funded owner – it’s a London Club with a decent ground and great demographic potential. The problem is the wall of debt that has been built up by Roland and his predecessors. We need a clean(er) balance sheet at some point. The only truly bad deal would be one which separates the physical assets i.e. The Valley and Sparrows Lane from the club in a way which leaves them with Roland.

It is difficult to see any other scenario that could be worse than continuing ownership from Roland who has zero interest, zero involvement, zero competence  and zero ambition for the club.

Ricky Holmes is an excellent player and so is Ezri Konsa, but let’s face it we’ve still been losing fairly regularly with them both in the team, even in the 3rd division- so they are hardly irreplaceable.

Let us allow a Zen calm to descend upon us while reminding ourselves that ” the darkest hour is always just before the dawn”

3 thoughts on “A Strange Calm over Albury

  1. Calm and Zen like I agree. To allow such shallow minded players to leave a sinking ship is diabolical. Stand firm stand together and if we are to go down we go down as one and all. Time for change yes but desert a sinking ship. I think not.

  2. Any player who does not want to be at the club is more than welcome to leave, as seems the case with Holmes. His performances recently suggest he’s checked out a while back. Get rid and get the best deal we can.

  3. As Sonia sang iss better the Devil You Know but the exenophobes n their ilk don’t know any better. Sonia should know cos she came 2nd, ourn were doin well til Queen Kat moved onto Sheff Weds. Less ope the exenophobes n their ilk are given short shrift up their gaff,

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