Ricky’s Off to Sheffield

Unsurprisingly Ricky has opted for an additional £3k a week to play at a higher level for a more ambitious club with a chance of getting into the Premiership this season. Ricky is 30 years old and this is likely to be his last decent contract – if you were him – what would you do ? The player will want the move and so the transfer fee is also likely to be relatively low.

Regardless of the takeover prospects, bearing in mind the respective league positions of Charlton and Sheffield United at this point in the season, this is a deal that was always likely to happen in January if Charlton were not tearing up the division. I don’t share the view that it would have been stopped if the takeover was well advanced

He is an excellent player, has tried his hardest for us and deserves this opportunity late in his career. We should wish him well.

By the way, do you fancy our defence tomorrow on set pieces with James Hanson and Peter Clarke barrelling towards our goal – feels like a defeat from a corner or free kick coming our way.

6 thoughts on “Ricky’s Off to Sheffield

    • I admire your optimism- but as we sit at pretty much the lowest league position in the last 50 years and on the day we are selling our best player and we will be unable to field a full squad of players tomorrow- I’m struggling to find the upside ?

    • Lol. Ricky’s definitely not leaving, Roland has announced £100m for Robinson to spend in Jan and we’re definitely getting promoted this season.

  1. Tom thass juss wot I think but this one aint the worst of the exenohobes juss read them other blogs full of bile n spite n all.

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