Is this the week ?

There is a very strong view that if we don’t get a deal done this week , then there will be no takeover deal before the end of the season. Let us hope that Richard Murray has positive news for us all.

An excellent result in difficult circumstances yesterday, well done to the team and a particular shout out to Karl. I must say he seems like a thoroughly nice bloke, his post match interview was great. You can argue about his tactics and I often do, but you can’t question his commitment or motivational skills.

Here’s an interesting one for you – Alex Mcleish as Director of Football, Donald Muir as CEO and wait for it – the money is coming from Mike Ashley. How so you ask, well they all know each other from Ashley’s shareholding in Rangers – also he is busy selling Newcastle, loves football , lives in the South , has stopped going to Newcastle games. Look it’s only speculation, it might be nonsense and I don’t know anything, but it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise- the money has to be coming from somewhere.

Whoever it is , let’s hope it gets done this week, they keep Karl as manager and give him some more help in the transfer market to finish the job.

One thought on “Is this the week ?

  1. Feasible I suppose, but would Ashley want to get involved with a third club after Newcastle and Rangers? And in any case he still owns Newcastle, FA rules prevent him owning two clubs at the same time that compete in the same competition.

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