Take a Haircut Roland !

I have the utmost respect for the CARD campaigners, Rick Everitt, the Belgian 20 ,WAR and any other peaceful protesting groups and I have supported all the activities and protests so far. I am sure that their activities have had no negative impact on the club or any potential buyers willingness to buy the club.

Personally, I think the decision to protest on Saturday and demand an audience with Richard Murray is wrong. Firstly,without being disrespectful, it is really hard to believe that Richard has any influence over what Roland does or will be able to say anything meaningful about where the club is up to in takeover talks. Secondly, regardless of your view on Richard, he is actually a Charlton fan, unlike Roland, Katrien, Tony Jiminez, Michael Slater, Kevin Cash , etc, etc, etc. and he would like to get the best and most ambitious owners for the club, so he can cheer and celebrate along with the rest of us. Expecting him to say anything illuminating to fans is highly unlikely in my view.

As has been widely reported, the biggest problem with the potential takeover is that Roland wants and seems to think that he ought to get his £50million back. He does not seem to understand the concept that sometimes you have to take a loss on your investments. An asset is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it – not what you paid for it or invested in it.

The fact is that the club isn’t worth £50million and no prospective purchaser is going to complete a deal at that price. In order to sell the club, Roland is going to have to accept a haircut on his investment.

7 thoughts on “Take a Haircut Roland !

  1. Take a haircut!
    Because of what he’s done to the club I’m worried he’d rather have it all off, than settle for an image saving comb-over. He certainly never cared.one iota about CAFC, No wonder KM walked (good) imagine being isolated surrounded every working day by a gobby I love CAFC KR lol and many who still did/do and a lack anything at all from an indifferent -10% Uncle (the coward) Rolly.
    I like what CARD etc are saying (a good statement) and doing, although I agree that it might make no difference at all to RD. I can’t imagine RM has any influence representing a club RD wants rid of. So what’s the point. Maximum publicity! Not only will he dislike the persistence that the protests are still around years later he might also think they’ll visit him at home again. Fans peacefully making their disgruntled feelings felt is good for football generally and themselves and for solidarity. COYR.

  2. The real concern for me is that he sells the football club but keeps the ground – that would be an absolute disaster as we have seen that scenario in other clubs before. We have no way of knowing what his actual plan is and we won’t know by asking Richard (as you say a real Charlton fan)

  3. I agree with the principal of this but let’s be honest, expecting some kind of communication from a man that proclamed to be a mouthpiece for the owners is not a ridiculous ask in this situation. Perhaps demanding such things with a mob mentality is a bit much but it seems like this has been the most effective way to highlight the regime’s inefficancy. I fully support CARD and all of the work they’ve done so far.

    • Having been involved myself in business take-overs/buy outs, I feel the criticism of Richard Murray is very unfair and whilst we all want to know what’s going on, I’m not sure he can say much more to the fans on Saturday than has already been reported in the press. Why I hear you ask? regardless of his love for the club and the supporters, Richard Murray has almost certainly signed a legal NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or confidentiality agreement with one or both (maybe more) potential purchasers. This is one of the first ‘legal’ things to happen in these situations and is a legally binding document which prevents anyone who’s signed it from discussing anything to do with the takeover or potential takeover. He is however, able to report on what the current chairman (RD) advises, hence his bland and frustrating statement earlier this week about no funds being available. So cut RM some slack, if truth be known I’m sure he’d love to tell all……he’s always been a fan himself but legally he’s simply not able to do so. Once a potential purchaser has agreed ‘heads of terms’ for the purchase (i.e at this stage only one purchaser is in negotiation) and things are more ‘concrete’, then with the permission of the new purchaser a statement can, and I’m sure, will be made. What has surprised me in all this is that RD is effectively stripping prime assets from the club (selling key players) at a time he wants to achieve maximum return on the sale. In any purchasers mind, this can only de-value the club and I assume this is being used by the purchasers in agreeing the sale price! Anyway, if the sale goes through this is effectively what we all wanted, it may cost us another season in League One but longer term I’m sure we will benefit………..if not then god help us!

  4. Who are we supposed to look to for a statement? Roland told us that Murray had agreed to step-up and provide day-to-day leadership in Meire’s absence. Personally I think he will struggle too but isn’t that the point given the lack of comms and the absolute mess we are in?

  5. Hope this isn’t some sort of delaying tactic by Roland. Take over talks could collapse at anytime.Funny if they should just as transfer deadline had gone. No money to pay out on new players then, and the Addicks back to square one.

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