Perplexed about Charlton

Football is indeed a funny old game. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks to me like Charlton are potentially a stronger team and squad now than when Ricky Holmes was playing. It’s all a bit confusing really. The team have been doing OK without pulling any trees up when we’ve only had one central attacker – following the recent moves and a bit of respite from the injury crisis – we’ve now got pace and power all over the front.

Its really perplexing that it has taken until now to address this and indeed that Karl has been allowed to address this when Rolands regime is (hopefully) in its dying embers. If we had started the season with these or similar options, it is hard to believe that we wouldn’t have been firmly stuck in the Top 2 by now.

I’m not sure what the result at Blackpool will be bearing in mind the emotional tributes to Jimmy Armfield which are likely to motivate both their team and crowd. However, notwithstanding today’s result which could go any way, it is hard to believe that with the array of attacking options now available to us that we ought to at least reach the play offs in May.

You wonder if Roland had actually bothered to come and watch the team, he would have seen the obvious deficiencies and allowed Karl to do something about it in the summer. Anyway, we are where we are as they say so we need to make the best of it now – good luck to Karl and the team today


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