Charlton lucky to get nil

I don’t know what it is about football for a fiver but we always deliver performances like this for our biggest crowds. For me it is always synonymous with losing to Exeter 3-1 at home in front of c 20,000 whilst the ridiculous and useless Thierry Racon took time to take off his gloves and throw them on the floor in the centre circle after he had been disposessed for Exeters third goal.

Today we were flying for about 2 minutes after which we were outplayed , outthought, outmuscled, and outclassed for the remaining 88 minutes. Shrewsbury were excellent and really deserved to win by 3 or 4 goals. Games like today remind us that we really aren’t that good are we ?

The loss of Mavadidi and the reluctance of Robbo to change his system meant that we were back to Magennis looking like a lost sole again up front with no support close enough to him. We’ve got loads of skilful , small winger type players but not enough strength , athleticism and leadership – Shrewsbury took advantage and dominated us all over the pitch – it was men against boys.

Id love to think that there is a chance of us getting promotion via the play offs but I really don’t think that we are anywhere good enough. It is easy to blame the manager and certainly his unwillingness to play Aribo over the last few weeks was a big mistake, but ultimately the players he has available to him lack the physicality in this division  to sustain a proper challenge.

2 thoughts on “Charlton lucky to get nil

  1. Thass juss wot I think n all n iss up to the players to step up to the mark but ourn should be doin better, Shrewsbury juss get on with it withahrt any fuss n ourn aint got the right work ethic nahadays, Ere are juss look ow well Plymouth are doin they overtaken ourn n are in the playoffs, my Plymouth supportin mate n arf appy today.

  2. There is a lack of a playmaker in the side .I was amazed that Ajose was brought on,If Reeves is half the player that Robinson claims surely he was more likely to set something up.In the Oxford and Bradford games the only decent service Magennis got,on a regular basis, was from long balls forward by Lennon(Oxford) and Bauer(Bradford).

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