Raw meat Evans

I’d like to be optimistic about tomorrow , but really the last team we want to be playing against is Peterborough with it being Steve Evans first match in charge. Evans is a kind of poor mans Neil Warnock, relentlessly driving lower division teams to success with a combination of pure fear and physicality. Although he hasn’t had much time at Boro you can rest assured that the players will have been fed enough raw meat to boost their testosterone to ball busting levels.

If I was our Karl, I’d be tempted to play anyone who is even remotely hard and / or big tomorrow- why not play JJ and Lee Bowyer in midfield with Pearce, Lennon, Bauer and Sarr at the back with two big fellas up front, Zyro and Magennis.

We might lose the game but at least we won’t be intimidated. Anyway, look I was optimistic against Shrewsbury and they mullered us, so now I’m pessimistic for tomorrow so maybe we will stand up to the challenge.

What on earth is going on with the takeover. The only real conclusion you can come to is that neither of the parties who have ‘ agreed the price’ can actually , as they say  ” come up with the money”  We all know that Roland is stark raving bonkers but he did at least get the deal done quickly when he bought it from the spivs. There is absolutely no way that it should take this long and also how on earth can no-one ! I repeat , no-one , know the identity of the 2 parties other the Roland – it’s like something out of the X Files.

You know what – I’d like to see Bernie Ecclestone takeover the club. He’s a billionaire, he comes from Dartford, went to Woolwich Poly. He’s good mates with someone who has strong Charlton connections who in turn is good mates with Peter Varney.

He’s out of F1 , he’s out of QPR , he’s got £3bn and he’s 87 years old and he’s a South Londoner – come on Bernie – come on down to The Valley and hear 27,000 people sing your name as we slalom up through the divisions.

Whats the alternative , leave it all to your kids who will only waste it.

You know it makes sense Bernie – give some back to the community and become a hero !!

One thought on “Raw meat Evans

  1. Bernie Ecclestone eh ?? No doubt his first signing would be Erhun Oztumer from Walsall ! At least they would see eye to eye.

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