Fresh start needed everywhere

Depressingly my feeling that we would be tonked at Peterboro was well founded. We really are a poor team – we are regularly conceding 2 , sometimes, 3 and now even 4 goals in the 3rd division of English Football. Yes that’s right , it’s the 3rd division and it’s a disgrace. We need a fresh start – The obvious thing is to compare the current team with the one that got promoted from this division last time and man for man every single one of them is not as good ( recognising that Solly and Jackson were in their prime then and are not now). Not one of them would have got in that team so that doesn’t give us much of a chance does it ?

We need to clear nearly all of them out like Chris Powell did, we need new owners and despite the fact that I think Karl is a lovely person , we need a new manager too.

We need two strong big centre halves, two quick full backs , two tough and competitive midfielders and TWO goalscorers up front and we need to play 4-4-2, particularly at home where we regularly get outplayed by teams like Oldham, Oxford and Bury because we have one bloke up front against 2 towering centre halves.

Managers often over complicate football. Also , the first thing we need to do to win a game is to stop letting in goals – that needs to start at Blackpool.


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