Direct Action against Duchatelet necessary

Let’s be honest everyone knows that the idiot who owns our club is set on trying to destroy it. He bought it on a whim, appointed an even bigger idiot to run it and it has sunk to the most predictable and lowest point in the last 50 years.

He is now asking a ridiculous price of c £50m to potential buyers who are pretending to agree but basically haven’t got the money or are unwilling to pay a silly price for a poor 3rd division club.

We need to decide as a community what we are prepared to do in response to his continued attack on us

Through neglect, mismanagement and total lack of care he is intent on destroying a community asset that has stood for 113 years.

We need to consider more direct and meaningful action against our absentee geriatric landlord before he succeeds in destroying something we love.

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