Another dreadful performance

Charlton were awful again today, playing a brand of football that is dull, boring, predictable, slow and ineffective.

Against a team which has home crowds of 3,000, no history, no budget, hasn’t stopped the opposition from scoring since 2017, were hopeless too and are likely to get relegated to Division 4, Charlton were generally second best and on balance of clear cut chances, Fleetwood should have won.

I don’t care how many coaching qualifications Karl has, but if playing Magennis again as the lone striker with Reeves as his deep lying mate was the wrong tactic as early as the 60th minute then as all the supporters would have told you when they saw the team sheet, it was also wrong in the 1st minute. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

Although Zyro and Ajose don’t look much good either, they did, at least look like two conventional strikers and caused problems to Fleetwood with some decent link up play.

I really like Karl and I think he is a decent, honest and straightforward person , but he needs to go now so that we can start to build for next season.

3 thoughts on “Another dreadful performance

  1. I have to agree, I like the man but his inability to learn from what don’t work means if he can’t perform a significant tactical U turn he needs to go.

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  3. The team is poor for numerous reasons but I don’t believe in blaming Magennis I blame RD and the poor choice of managers including KR. Magennis is an old fashioned style centre forward and should always be played with a striking partner. The service he gets is woeful no wonder his form and confidence has suffered.The best service in recent games was long ball passes from Lennon in the Oxford game, a sad indictment of midfield and other forward players in the squad. KR adhers to a rigid
    style of play and seems to take little account of what suits players.If you play one up front you have to have players who can play defence splitting passes on a regular basis, because the one up front is usually competing against two big central defenders.

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