What was Karl thinking ?

Great credit is due to Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson who have galvanised the players into a proper football team. They have been hugely assisted by the continued availability together of Jason Pearce and Patrick Bauer. The team were great today, Joe Aribo was simply magnificent as was the reborn Ben Reeves and as Lee has said its a simple game and the players are winning their individual battles and not being bullied anymore.

My only concern would be Ezri Konsa who had a poor game and looked rather out of sorts all afternoon. Mind you he is an excellent player so I’m sure we will find the right role for him at some point.

It is impossible not to question why Karl only played one bloke up front, why he dropped Joe Aribo, why he played Ben Reeves out of position, why he didn’t give Zyro or Ajose a chance earlier and finally why it all seemed very complicated and difficult when we were only playing in the 3rd division against generally poor teams.

Funny old game isn’t it ?

8 thoughts on “What was Karl thinking ?

  1. Somehow it feels like Christmas with these recent gifts. I for one was happy to see Robinson go as I could not see us winning any time soon and his daily gibberish was …well dumb. My biggest fear now is that new owners will come in and change manager— any change now till the end of the season would be a potential suicide—there can be no upside. Give Bowyer his chance to prove himself. We might have found us a real manager for a change.

  2. I have never been a fan of Robinson, we never looked comfortable even playing the worst teams, we had a way of making them look very good. When we did win, It was mostly by one goal and it wasn’t convincing I mostly thought we were lucky to win.
    Karl did sign some good players, but his system was confusing them.
    I agree we should definitely keep Bowyer. As player he was a club legend one of the best we have produced. He has now shown himself to be an excellentl manager, we haven’t just the won the last three games, we have the opposition away scoring 9 goals. Definitely not lucky.

  3. Apart from the one striker formation which he’d brought in the players to give the option of change, then didn’t do it. He KR new what was wrong, he’d identified, said that before he left, the team just weren’t playing as a team for him. I think the frustration for him was he didn’t know how to fix it. We are fortunate that when he left we had two others already to go who do know. if we’d had to bring in a new manager I think we’d be waiting for a turn around. Thanks to the Rat for the accidental good fortune and it was KR who brought in Bowyer and promoted JJ.

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  5. It wasn’t like you didn’t tell him Albury. If Bowyer doesn’t take the job you should step in. You could sort out the catering as well.

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