Give Bow the job and we’ll go up next year

I am a massive fan of Lee Bowyer, he is straightforward, honest, passionate, talented but above all he’s Charlton. He was excellent today in his post match interview – a real credit to the club and himself.

It normally takes us 3 years to get out of this division ( the last 2 occasions) and if we add a couple of goalscorers to this squad even if we lose the loan players and Konsa, we will go up next season.

The reason we aren’t going up this year is because we haven’t really got anyone who can score a goal. We’ve now played the last 270 minutes without scoring which probably tells you everything you needed to know. I like big Josh but he probably isn’t good enough and Ajose definitely isn’t. Mavididi and Kaikai have been very disappointing. Letting KHG go on loan to Crawley was a mistake, but at the time we probably didn’t realise it. Novak and Watt were never going to get us anywhere.

The new owners need to make sure we keep Lee & JJ and then building a team around the core of Page, Dijksteel, Pearce, Baeur, JFC, Aribo, Fosu, Clarke and maybe Reeves and Marshall if they pull their fingers out. It would be great if we could keep Amos too. If you add a couple of proper decent goalscorers plus the recall of KHG, then we will definitely get promoted.

From the fans perspective, probably the best thing to come out of staying in the 3rd division is that our idiotic geriatric useless clueless incompetent owner will disappear back to the provincial backwater of Belgium from whence he came.

The best decision in my mind for the new owners whoever they might be would be to retain Lee Bowyer as the manager.

Let us pray for a quick deal now.

Have a lovely summer everyone and thanks for reading my nonsense and particularly those of you who make comments which I greatly appreciate.

Keep the faith , we will be back.


4 thoughts on “Give Bow the job and we’ll go up next year

  1. Albury, perverse as it may seem I’m not unhappy that we are in division 1 again next year…. for one reason only. By not going up the Walloon Buffoon will not get the higher price he thought he might get for the club – that means that the new owners will have that extra bit of money under their control to be used to spend on the new players that will be needed to mount a promotion challenge next season.
    The Buffoon is such a good businessman that in not spending a million or two on a striker in the January transfer window it has cost him the extra £5/10m he may have got if we had gone up! Not such a shrewd financial cookie is he?

    ….. and so the circus moves on several more steps into the unknown….

  2. Bowyer has done quite well considering his lack of managerial experience but I think you are over optimistic regarding next season unless the new owners make major investments in the squad. The defence is solid but lack creative quality, Bowyer has retained KR’s mantra of playing from the back
    but this is painfully slow and predictable with the present players. The midfield do a good job of protecting the back four but also lack creative ability. The service Magennis gets is pitiful most high balls played to him are routr 1 or diagonal and therefore he is facing back to goal and can only look for holding up or flicking on for a costriker. Unfortunately we have had to rely on Ajose too much as Mavididi and Fosu have had injuries.If Robinson had played two up front would he have let Ahearne Grant go out on loan in January. When Magennis plays for Northern Ireland he mainly plays wide right which he does well.They also utilise his long throw ability which he was able to show last night when Sarr came on, three throws into the area with good pace and accuracy. Magennis played well on Thursday so Shrewsbury organised to handle him better tonight. Ajose and Kaikai have 16 or more appearances between them under Bowyer with only one goal scored.

    • Good summary. Bowyer will have the fans on his side IF he is given the job but without funds to invest in 2/3 creative players/goal scorers we will come up short again. And I’m worried these Australians don’t have the necessary funds, otherwise they’d purchase the whole club outright. Even with the loan market, I’d say you have a 50% success rate.

  3. We will definately go up next season!!! Goalscorers are hard to find and they may score at other clubs for fun, but when they get to CAFC somehow they don’t??? PMSL and have a great summer

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