Deal or No Deal

For heavens sake , are we going to get a new owner in time to make a difference to next season or not. If it goes on much longer, we won’t be able to get the players, notably the strikers that we need to mount a promotion challenge.

We all know that Roland’s understanding of how to run a football club wouldn’t fit on a postage stamp and if he hangs on and completes yet another year of deliberate under investment, we will be playing to try and avoid the drop to the 4th tier of English football next year.

I’m really not sure what we’ve done to deserve two bad owners in succession when all of our London rivals, Palace, Watford, Fulham and even Millwall and Brentford have had sensible and ambitious owners. Anyway, let us hope and pray that it is 3rd time lucky.

But it needs to be sorted quickly otherwise next season could see our worst placing in the football pyramid in the last hundred years.

4 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. My concern is that an agreement will be brokered with a considerable number of “add on’s ” or “strings attached” in favour of RD particularly if the ground is acquired with Leasehold tenure. I fear repetition of the Hulyer ( Marman ) and Gliksten episode with all that ensued. I hope I’m wrong ! As with divorces the ” clean break ” agreement (where possible ) avoids future complications.

  2. Roland is the best owner we’ve ever ad n iss dahn to im Lee Bowyer got ourn in the play-offs in the first place. Yourn n your exenophobe mates are underminin our gaff every step of the way n as they say wot goes rahnd come rahnd for yourn.

    • a2c – you are an absolute hoot. You’ve been sending me this nonsense for years now . As you know full well I have absolutely no xenophobic tendencies whatsoever. I couldn’t care less if our next owners are from Belgium , Australia, Afghanistan or Mars or whether they are Male , Female or LGBT . I just want to watch a decent competitive football team- what on earth are you going to send to me when the Aussies takeover ?

  3. Just for the record!
    More Fake News from a2c of course, everyone knows K Robinson brought L Bowyer in. RD with his extensive knowledge of CAFC would never even have heard of him and Queen Katriene had fled RD’s debacle.So once again more pure nonsense.

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