Roland should be making people happy not miserable

I went to the funeral today of a dear friend in our village who died from cancer far too early at 51 years old. She was an unbelievable force of nature, a remarkable individual who packed more into one lifetime that most of us would in 3 lifetimes. The church was packed because everyone loved her, she was a giver, an inspiration, she gave her time , her commitment, her talents.She organised our community to achieve great things for local charities, clubs and any good cause that you could imagine. After she was diagnosed 3 years ago, she set about raising money for cancer research and raised hundreds of thousands rather than just hundreds. She was quite simply one of the most remarkable human beings anyone could have ever met. She made hundreds of people happy because that’s what she lived to do.

Her beautiful funeral left us all feeling like we should be trying harder to do good things, love each other and leave a legacy that we made others happy.

Which brings me to Roland. All that money and yet creating all that unhappiness and misery for 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 people. What a contrast – I’m not trying to be maudlin but given how much supporting our football club and community means to so many people ,he should take a long hard look at himself, get out now and let someone takeover Charlton who might bring back some happiness to our lives.


Lee Bowyer duped by Duchatelet

Lee Bowyer became the latest Charlton manager to be lied to by the owner. Yet again for the 4th /5th/6th or is it the 7th managerial appointment, we get a manager who says he has the support of the owner to improve the team.

Lee, mate , he always says that but he never delivers. We played all last season with one forward even though everyone knew that it would be impossible to be successful like that.

The owner has absolutely no intention of providing you with the resources that are needed to get promoted.

Charlton are stuck in a dreadful cycle of destruction. An owner who couldn’t care less and deliberately starves the club, but is so rich that he doesn’t need to sell.

No one – Aussies or whoever, are prepared to pay what he wants because the club isn’t worth the price of a pint and a packet of crisps. It loses £5 million plus every year and in order to make it successful again, it will need annual losses of £10m.

There are prospective owners who are prepared to give it a go , but quite rightly they don’t want to pay the geriatric Belgian much money for the privilege of losing £5 million quid every year. Consequently the club and its supporters are stuck in Groundhog Day.


Konsa signs for who ????

It is a fitting epitaph to the reign of our geriatric Belgian owner that we end up selling one of our better prospects to a smaller ( but much better owned and managed) club who have spent most of my lifetime in the 3rd or 4th division. A transaction like this would have been unimaginable for nearly all of the last 50years. Good luck to Ezri- let’s hope he has a great career.

I don’t think he is a huge loss, he isn’t currently  aggressive enough for the centre half position or quick enough for full back. However, he has played some great games in central midfield, notably the league win away at Shrewsbury. He is also very skilful and calm under pressure and is still young and will surely continue to improve.

Rumours continue to abound that a takeover from the Aussies is imminent. Let us hope it is true and we finally get someone ambitious and sensible running the club.

Whilst I remain firmly in the anyone but Roland camp, I would strike a note of caution – if , as has been reported, the Aussie bid is a consortium of a number of individuals who have presumably all signed up to lose a fair amount of money over the next 5 years – I guess we will have to be prepared for a fairly rocky ride. My experience of consortia in any walk of life is that in any group of strong minded individuals conflict over decision making occurs and that is not easy to resolve.