Konsa signs for who ????

It is a fitting epitaph to the reign of our geriatric Belgian owner that we end up selling one of our better prospects to a smaller ( but much better owned and managed) club who have spent most of my lifetime in the 3rd or 4th division. A transaction like this would have been unimaginable for nearly all of the last 50years. Good luck to Ezri- let’s hope he has a great career.

I don’t think he is a huge loss, he isn’t currently  aggressive enough for the centre half position or quick enough for full back. However, he has played some great games in central midfield, notably the league win away at Shrewsbury. He is also very skilful and calm under pressure and is still young and will surely continue to improve.

Rumours continue to abound that a takeover from the Aussies is imminent. Let us hope it is true and we finally get someone ambitious and sensible running the club.

Whilst I remain firmly in the anyone but Roland camp, I would strike a note of caution – if , as has been reported, the Aussie bid is a consortium of a number of individuals who have presumably all signed up to lose a fair amount of money over the next 5 years – I guess we will have to be prepared for a fairly rocky ride. My experience of consortia in any walk of life is that in any group of strong minded individuals conflict over decision making occurs and that is not easy to resolve.

5 thoughts on “Konsa signs for who ????

  1. Surely a rushed sale for Roland to get whatever cash is on the table NOW before takeover goes through. I would expect more to go in similar ways this week as he seeks to cash in and take revenge on fans.

  2. If anyone was in any doubt how far we’ve falllen down the footballing pyramid…. Does this mean no price has been agreed with new owners? Once price is agreed I’d doubt assets can be sold in this period.

  3. Players reported back 4 pre season shortly but 2 whom. We need 2 sign 11 new players not knowing how much cash the owners we have 2 spend. Club im a mess top 2 bottom. More players will leave before we makw first signing. I honestly think we be in a relegation scrap all season

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