Lee Bowyer duped by Duchatelet

Lee Bowyer became the latest Charlton manager to be lied to by the owner. Yet again for the 4th /5th/6th or is it the 7th managerial appointment, we get a manager who says he has the support of the owner to improve the team.

Lee, mate , he always says that but he never delivers. We played all last season with one forward even though everyone knew that it would be impossible to be successful like that.

The owner has absolutely no intention of providing you with the resources that are needed to get promoted.

Charlton are stuck in a dreadful cycle of destruction. An owner who couldn’t care less and deliberately starves the club, but is so rich that he doesn’t need to sell.

No one – Aussies or whoever, are prepared to pay what he wants because the club isn’t worth the price of a pint and a packet of crisps. It loses £5 million plus every year and in order to make it successful again, it will need annual losses of £10m.

There are prospective owners who are prepared to give it a go , but quite rightly they don’t want to pay the geriatric Belgian much money for the privilege of losing £5 million quid every year. Consequently the club and its supporters are stuck in Groundhog Day.


3 thoughts on “Lee Bowyer duped by Duchatelet

  1. Unfortunately spot on. I wonder what, if Lee had seen through it and walked. The ambition is fast becoming just staying in this div with borrowed goodwill from the pre – Roland years.. If there’s two buying groups involved it sounds like they’ve agreed not to get into a bidding war and pay over the odds. He’s stuck, we’re stuck, we all lose. I guess winning the WC would help a bit for a while!
    Let’s face it Konsa was right Brentford is a big step up.

  2. Not sure he’s been duped just probably knows the score and just giving out the usual and regular sound bites to try and appease fan unrest, though clearly I don’t think anyone believes a word of it. We’ve heard it all before!

    In some respects I wish he hadn’t accepted the post, albeit caretaker, as that would of added to Duchebags headache. It does make me wonder if he’s more clued into the Takeover than is letting on?

  3. I think you will find he’s losing £10m a year already and it’s nearer double that, that’s required to move the club out of League One.

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