Roland should be making people happy not miserable

I went to the funeral today of a dear friend in our village who died from cancer far too early at 51 years old. She was an unbelievable force of nature, a remarkable individual who packed more into one lifetime that most of us would in 3 lifetimes. The church was packed because everyone loved her, she was a giver, an inspiration, she gave her time , her commitment, her talents.She organised our community to achieve great things for local charities, clubs and any good cause that you could imagine. After she was diagnosed 3 years ago, she set about raising money for cancer research and raised hundreds of thousands rather than just hundreds. She was quite simply one of the most remarkable human beings anyone could have ever met. She made hundreds of people happy because that’s what she lived to do.

Her beautiful funeral left us all feeling like we should be trying harder to do good things, love each other and leave a legacy that we made others happy.

Which brings me to Roland. All that money and yet creating all that unhappiness and misery for 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 people. What a contrast – I’m not trying to be maudlin but given how much supporting our football club and community means to so many people ,he should take a long hard look at himself, get out now and let someone takeover Charlton who might bring back some happiness to our lives.


5 thoughts on “Roland should be making people happy not miserable

  1. This is so true and so relevant to the whole situation. Sometimes it takes a death or a tragic experience to help put things into perspective. It becomes crystal clear who has truly achieved the most in their life, who has given the most and who deserves the most. Your friend was obviously an inspiration to many and it’s people like her who make the biggest difference and leave the biggest footprint.

  2. Why he making making people miserable?
    He wants to sell the club , he frustrated with the delay which is no fault of his , he still keeping our club going to the tune of 1.3 mill a month through the summer break

    The hold up is between EFL and the Aussies

    • Sammy – have you had much happiness from supporting Charlton in the last 4 years because most supporters haven’t – and that’s just the ones who still bother attending.

  3. He wants to sell the club Sammy, but before he does he wants to strip every asset that he can from it to boost his (already considerable) personal funds. I am one who has boycotted home games over the last season as I refuse to put one penny into his already vast coffers. The man is a complete idiot as far as owning and managing a professional football club – it beggars belief how he ever became a multi-millionaire – I guess he must have left the running of his companies to professionals, pity that he didn’t do that with his football clubs as well.
    The sooner we are shot of this numbskull the better – I just hope that the Aussies can do a better job and it’s not going to be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire….

    Some people in life give to others but far too many take away far more than they put back into the community. Give me one of Albury’s dear lady friend for every 1000 of Duchatalets and the world might just be a better place……

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