Charlton Squad far too small for success

Unless Lee Bowyer knows something we don’t – like the EFL are changing the League to 6 ‘a’ side next year, the current squad is far too small to be successful next year.

In fact, if Magennis, Bauer and Vetokele are added to the outgoings with only a further 2 or 3 coming in which is basically what Lee has said, I would suggest that they make it mandatory for spectators to bring your boots.

You can look all around the team for huge gaps , but centre half is just one example – Konsa and Lennon have already gone, it seems Bauer is likely to follow. That leaves us with just Pearce, who by the nature of  the aggressive way he plays ( which we love) will miss half the season through injury and Sarr, who to put it mildly, wouldn’t be everyone’s favourite. Bearing in mind the aerial assaults encountered in Division 3, we are woefully under resourced now.

Lee has said that he’s happier with a smaller squad where everyone plays – well with the current planning, it looks like they will be playing in two positions at once.

There is still enough time to get reinforcements in, but we need 6 or 7 quality players otherwise it will be a Roland groundhog day season again with the team unable to provide consistent performances because of the lack of players. Every season under Duchatelet has been exactly the same in that respect. We never have enough players to be competitive. Last year, all we needed was one decent striker and this year is set to be even more challenging

Meanwhile, back in Dr Evil’s St Trudien hideaway the takeover saga drags on and on and on and on …………………

3 thoughts on “Charlton Squad far too small for success

  1. Ere are we got in the play-offs lass season in case you aint eard. Yourn aint even givin King Lee a chance to see wot e can do the ole season.

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