Aussies need to pull collective finger out

If we are not to suffer another dreadful season in the hell hole which is the English Third Division, the most likely prospective new owners and I’m assuming it’s the Aussies need to pull their finger out and get on with it.

It’s all very well having a 5 year plan, but assuming that this will be year one unless it drags on for another 12 months, then they are currently in the process of writing off the first year as another year of decline, loss of better players, poor performances ,declining attendances and disintegrating revenues.

The current squad, although it contains some talented players is miles away from being strong or deep enough to make a sustained challenge despite Lee Bowyer’s admirable positivity.

as my Aussie friends often say they need to go hard or go home.

By the way , have you ever heard anything so ridiculous as having a victory parade for England for reaching the Semi Final of the World Cup – what is the matter with our politicians ? – We lost for crying out loud , we didn’t win anything. To his credit, Southgate has rejected the idea , perhaps we should make him Prime Minister , at least his judgement appears to be sound. There are no prizes for losing and nor should there be.


3 thoughts on “Aussies need to pull collective finger out

  1. There’s votes (+ photo ops for the rags) in that there popular-ism, me dear, ask Donald, Boris and Nigel. The exploitation of national pride?

  2. Anyone but Roland? Could we be jumping from the fire to furnace with these Aussies? First impressions are very, very poor. Failing to send all the proper documentation to the Football league doesn’t bode well. The lack of understanding of needing to complete this at the beginning of the Summer and not August is quite alarming. For once I don’t think we can blame Roland.

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