Roland must be lucky

Because he’s certainly not very intelligent is he ? I’m not going to rehash all the history, but this ‘successful’ businessman overpaid for a business he didn’t understand, without conducting proper due diligence, got rid of its best workers, installed a leader with no appropriate experience or ability and subsequently lost or alienated most of its customer base whilst simultaneously showing little or no interest in the business he bought.

The latest shenanigans see him plainly massively overvaluing the business to make a disposal sale unlikely or probably impossible, selling off most of the remaining assets at below market price ( The Bolton Chairman even tried the buy one get one free idea on him which nearly worked )

The business is now balanced on a precipice facing a new season with not enough workers to sustain the company both on and off the pitch whilst Roland continues to lose money hand over fist and employs a part time accountant to run the business whose best ideas are to stop the junior staff having a free breakfast and to have meetings in the dark to save electricity.

Our owner is evidently completely and relentlessly stupid.

It would be lovely to think that salvation is close but it doesn’t feel like it.

3 thoughts on “Roland must be lucky

  1. & remarkably lucky that LB & JJ as a management team have fallen into his lap. I think we will at least stay up no problem with them two in charge and if injuries desist. They are being given some stick by some of us for even working with RD. But I dread to think how much worse it could be with one of his lackeys in charge, I even almost feel that my glass is half full at the prospect of third tier survival, sad init. We have to back them two and the team though even if we don’t put money in the old gits pocket.

  2. The time is fast approaching for an organised boycott of a home game – it may sound harsh but an almost empty Valley will speak volumes in the press and will raise the profile of what continues to be happening to our once great club. It would be hard on the players and the management team – but desperate times lead to desperate measures…

  3. Personally I’d put good money down on the fact that a takeover – either Brit or Australian – just ain’t gonna happen this side of Christmas. I’d like to be proved wrong but I don’t thinks so. And even it does struggle over the line, what sort of owners are this lot likely to be who now seem reluctant to form a cohesive group with a collective deep pocket . We might have to face the fact that for the foreseeable future, we’re stuck with Roland. But if we deprive the team of support, we deprive ourselves of going to see them play and risk the possibility of Roland making even more savage cuts and maybe even seeing Bowyer leaving the club for a better offer. Not something anybody wants to see.

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