Should Charlton supporters sue the club?

It seems to me that the football club as it stands is not fit for purpose under the  Consumer Rights Act of 2015.  I am not suggesting that the club can be sued because the results aren’t likely to be that great – I am suggesting that the club, having pre sold season tickets is subsequently and knowingly offering a product that fails the three fundamental principles of the act that covers all goods and services , i.e, the product or service  is a ) not of satisfactory quality , b) not fit for the consumers purpose and c) is not as described.

In practise we are unable to field a football team with the required number of team players including substitutes for EFL league games and for the EFL Trophy competition the likelihood is that we will either have to withdraw completely or default from the competition due to our inability to field 5 ‘first team’ players.

It seems like time for a class action by supporters against Roland Duchatelet ?


4 thoughts on “Should Charlton supporters sue the club?

    • And now maybe we can see why!!

      I do hope we can keep what we have left as of today and get some loanees in, but most urgently find someone who wants to run a proper football club!

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