Goalless Midfield

I am repeating myself here but I remember Peter Varney telling me when he and SCP created the Division 1 title winners , they started off by recruiting goal scoring midfielders, because their view was that you can’t get promoted without goals from the middle. Hence, we had Dale Stephens, Danny Hollands and Skipper in his prime. Add to that a mercurial winger in Danny Green and Scott Wagstaff also posed a threat, so we had goals all over the place.

The problem with Lee’s team is that having lost JFC & Fosu to injury and Ricky Holmes, even by comparison to last year let alone the title winning team, there are no goals from the middle. Aribo, Pratley, Lapslie and Morgan are all good players but none of them are likely to score a few goals. Marshall has been consistently disappointing so we don’t have any wingers either.

Therein lies the biggest problem with the team – let us hope that Fosu and Clarke return soon and that we add a couple of midfield attacking threats otherwise it might be a long and trickier season than expected.


3 thoughts on “Goalless Midfield

  1. Thass true but King Lee is workin on some good loanees so less juss wait n see cos ourn should be climbin up the league soon.

  2. Yes we were promised 2 players today Cullen was ment to be last Thursday but looks like we end up with no one but fans should be used to the lies out of charlton the last 3 years we will be mid to button table this year and no escape all the time RD still there we will end up non league in nxt 2 or 3 seasons

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