CARD should packet in now

Whilst I loathe Roland and what he has done to our club and I have been a supporter of CARD both in principle and with a moderate financial contribution, I think that it is time to stop protesting at games now. Going to football should be fun and a shared entertainment experience.

I know for us diehards who still go, it’s far more than that- it’s part of being in a tribe, but for the people outside us diehards , which is anyone above a crowd of c10k, they just want to have a fun , hassle free day – they don’t want to hear fans arguing amongst themselves and abusing each other. They probably aren’t keen on interrupting games with pitch rubbish either. It’s my opinion and maybe I am wrong, but the vast majority of our crowd just want to watch a good game, see our team give 100% like they did against Peterborough and support the team by getting behind them.

I’m not suggesting that the CARD team or the crisp throwers aren’t also getting behind the team, but at times it seems like a secondary objective.

Roland is doing a good enough job of destroying the club and reducing attendances, I worry that the overall negativity is made worse by the protests at The Valley – however undeniably effective they are in garnering publicity.

I am not against continuing the fight against Roland and in particular, I think the guys who are taking the fight to Belgium are to be applauded and let us hope that Roland finds the embarrassment on home turf tedious enough to drop his asking price.

16 thoughts on “CARD should packet in now

  1. Absolutely right – I completely agree. When at the Accrington game I heard several people say they wouldn’t go to the Valley if there was another protest on. And that was people who had travelled all day to the north. CARD’s match-day activities are in danger of becoming part of the problem rather than encouraging a resolution

  2. I think this view is correct. I told Rick Everett that and I said it on Charlton Life forum1 – 2 years ago when it was really spoiling games. In particular when after about 70 mins in a game against Middlesbourgh a lot of prote store left. The result was a happier stadium.and we won.
    My views on Charlton Life led to a ban for me which is still in place. CARD doesn’t seem to like views that are not entirely its own.
    I nearly stopped going because the pleasure was ruined by morons shouting obscenities all the time. If people want to ban themselves to stop Roland getting £200 , fine. I pay £150 and I don’t think Roland will cave in if I stop paying that. So bollocks to him , I am going . Mind you I leave litter behind now so the cleaners get paid.

  3. I understand the frustration, however I disagree – Roland is 100% behind the state of this club and I think those that have boycotted and protested, in whatever way, have hastened his departure, essentially by hitting him in the one way he understands – in his pocket.

    I have not renewed my season for two years and only been to a handful of games (when weak!). I will renew the day RD leaves, in the meantime I think we need to stay united and not get drawn into arguing with each other when we all want the same thing.

    All that said not a nice atmosphere when I have attended and I think CARD have now done the “throwing things on the pitch” thing to death (although with great effect) and need to evolve new approaches to maintain a high profile for the clubs plight. Personally I think thus far they have been very creative!

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Not only did I renew me and my sons season tickets this year but, after much badgering, I got one for my eight year old daughter. I missed the Peterborough game (it was my wife’s birthday – bloody fixtures computer) – Saturday would have been her first ever Charlton game. Once the protests were announced, due to past experience of some of the pre Bowyer toxic atmospheres I experienced at The Valley I decided not to take her, I just felt such a negative atmosphere would ruin her first exposure to Charlton. I’ve loved going to The Valley (and Selhurst and Upton Park – albeit not for the love of those venues, but for my 37 year affinity with the club) since I was ten years old. Back then we were in the third division and winning promotion. We were an extremely unfashionable London football club, but the players and supporters alike had a gritty plucky quality that drew me in and have kept me hooked for years. I will take her to the next game, providing CARD can reel their necks in and let us get behind Charlton (not Duchalet). We are in the end game now. I certainly agree that Belgium is where any groups who want to speed up his departure concentrate their efforts. The old scroat really is not bothered about what goes on in SE7. None of his peers or mates live their to see flying pigs/stress footballs or Crisp packets (which was embarrassing for a multitude of reasons). He has an enormous ego. Give that a kicking, on his doorstep and he may just give up the ghost and bugger off. Please bugger off Roland. Your ruining my Saturdays.

  5. CARD has run its course it now only exists to fuel the ego of the organisers
    Let’s support the team it’s players and it’s manager, I know many of the players personally and they are effected by the off the pitch rubbish and it obviously effects their game. CARD need to think on Roland is wealthy enough to walk away and shut the doors and not lose a moments sleep and where would the club and the supporters be then, perhaps that’s what Rick wants his moment of glory.
    Finally all the rubbish being thrown on to the pitch has such a negative effect on prospective purchasers of the club, so let’s stop this now and get behind the players and team managers, and encourage new owners to step in.

  6. I think the charlton official page should change – As it says “Family orientated club” – No its not – I wouldn’t take my kids with CARD acting like they do – I appreciate Roland needs to go – But chucking crisps on the pitch etc is just embarrassing – Seriously get a life – And I apologise if this goes against everyone else – But I find Rick Everett embarrassing as well – Congrats on the Valley Party nearly 30 years ago – but this is just childish and pathetic. If I was a billionaire businessman (sadly I’m not) – A few Crisp packets holding up a game for a minute wouldn’t convince me to sell

  7. Rather than disrupt the games, we should all boycott altogether
    That would force Roland to reduce the asking price for the club.

  8. I respect your views Albury – but what would you suggest we do instead of protesting? Sit back and watch in respectful silence as the Walloonian Buffoon takes us meekly down into division 2 and possibly beyond?
    For the sake of our club he must go…. and go NOW – he has done enough damage over the last four years. I would rather fight for my club than sit back and do nowt – IF I were regularly attending matches, which I no longer do as I have no wish to put any more money into his pockets, and I’m saddened at watching a team that is getting weaker by the season. I can no longer summon the energy or enthusiasm to travel a round trip of 7 hours by train and spend £100 on what should be an enjoyable day out.

    Fair play to those of you who still attend matches – but I just cannot do so when I think of the damage that this Belgian idiot has done to our club…. and what more he can do to destroy it if the takeover doesn’t take place. I don’t have a degree in Economics but if even I can see that his ‘asset’ will be worth far less in division 2 than it is in division 1 (let alone the Championship…) – surely a millionaire like him can see that and he’s better bailing out now by dropping his price by £10m than having to drop £20 or £25m if we end up in division 2???

    I regret that I simply cannot take any more and I applaud CARD for keeping the club in the eye of the press through their non-violent protests – surely it is that pressure alone that has suddenly got the EFL interested enough to come down the SE7 and see just what the hell is going on??? I will ALWAYS support CAFC, but until the club is sold to people who know how to run a club and appreciate its history and ethos I won’t be seen around The Valley.

  9. Albury…judging by the number of responses it’s heartening to know that your views are shared by like minded supporters !

  10. Disagree to extent. Being there is priority number one either actively protesting,which many rightly do, or just supporting the team, which everyone does. Any media attention to our plight is welcome so be careful and don’t knock it regardless if you think its not your flavour. The important thing is you are there at the game, at the negotiation table, to be noticed and heard as a true fan. By not being there you are only denying your own enjoyment of a good day out doing what YOU want to do. Don’t let some Belgian nobody change that. Buying a ticket or a pint of beer wont make the slightest bit of difference to Roland. We are all in this together so please don’t knock any of our supporters groups method of awareness to our current plight. Major battles have been lost many times when people don’t stick together

  11. I agree with your comments fully.
    So far it has achieved nothing so why continue with the match day protests. It upsets the players I am sure and causes an unpleasant atmosphere on match days.
    I am surprised at the mentality of those encouraging ‘throwing an object onto the field of play’ as potentially those doing so will get a football banning order and criminal record!
    Very handy!!!

  12. I agree. The crisp packet episode was misjudged and embarrassing, protests inside the ground are now both ineffective and destructive to the match day atmosphere for both fans and players. RD must go asap – but we must continue to support the players and the club – if we do not, it can only lead to an outcome that nobody wants.

  13. John thanks for your comments and also to everyone else who took the time to comment. It appears that there is a strong view that CARD should stop demos at the ground now.
    I think we all support the need for some continuing campaign against Duchatelet and recognise some of the fantastic work that has gone before and is continuing with the Belgian ROT party as one example – but just not on matchday when it has started to be counter productive.

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