More complete nonsense from Roland

You do wonder if Roland takes any PR advice from anyone – if he does , I suggest it’s probably Gerald Ratner.

Apparently, the recent publicity over the row over the discretionary bonuses for admin staff has “affected his ability to sell the club”. What a load of absolute cobblers. No serious interested party is going to give two hoots about the publicity accorded to this petty issue or indeed the issue itself.

In fact, if I was an interested buyer, I would think it’s great news because it just demonstrates how inept Rolands regime and management are that somehow they allowed this to occur in the first place. What idiot in management could have created a ‘discretionary bonus’ scheme with enough confusion in it that the staff actually thought it would pay out when the club is losing c £10m a year.

Any new owners would be thinking thats great it’s yet another example of how any new management team with even half a brain would be welcomed with open arms.

The statement from the club is an example of how to insult your fans collective intelligence.

Its like watching an episode of the Brittas Empire

Lee Bowyer can lead Charlton back to the Premiership

OK you probably think I’ve gone mad in a fit of Plymouth win inspired euphoria- but – and I’ve frequently banged on about this – football, much like business, hinges on momentum. Lee has created an attractive entertaining side, which is indeed better to watch than last season. The momentum is building, it’s not just the last 4 wins on the spin- it’s the way they are playing and the likelihood that it will continue.

Added to this, the manager is the most important piece in the jigsaw and he obviously knows how to pick a player – look at Taylor, Cullen, Grant, Bielik – and he certainly knows how to motivate them.

They don’t get bullied any more, we give as good as we get and they run their hearts out all game long. He also understands football tactics, when to play 442, the diamond, 3 at the back – all that stuff. Finally, he speaks calmly and sensibly and oozes common sense.

We should get promoted this season and if we do, the first season back in the championship will bring a Top 10  or possibly Top 6 finish because we will have the momentum. With a big slice of luck which we are well overdue, we might well go straight back up – look at Wigan this season who might do just that.

The obvious flaw in all of this is if our idiot owner decides to revert to type and start doing stupid things again. But so far so good. We can only hope that finally he realises its best to leave it to someone who actually knows what they are doing.

It would be nice to se the crowds returning. I suspect there really aren’t many ‘boycotters’ it’s rather that people got fed up watching us lose and play poor football.

Well to all of those who used to come , get your arses back down The Valley because it’s fun again and you will absolutely love it. If you are actually boycotting because of the owner, he’s not going to sell now until at least January, so you might aswell postpone your principles and come and enjoy supporting your team again

onwards and upwards and back to the Premiership with Lee Bowyer.

Corrupt and/or Bonkers

Let’s be frank, in order to own a Premiership or Championship club you need to be a Billionaire now. There are very few ‘local boy made good’ owners. Quite a lot of the new breed of owners made their money by stealing from every one of the population in their home countries – the principal owner in London being a case in point.

There has been much gnashing of teeth in South East London this am following the revelation that we might swop one nut job owner, Duchatelet for another in Fawaz Al Hasawi. He does indeed look like another example but the problem is that common sense and vision don’t normally accompany vast wealth – hubris, arrogance and corruption normally do.

Anyway, we shall see – it’s really hard to believe that any new owner could be stupider than Roland – at least the Forest bloke didn’t manage to get his club relegated.

The club statement about the EFL meeting is a case in point. It’s complete jibberish – apparently written either by a 10year old or by someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language.

I am sorry to say that any new owner of Charlton with the requisite funds ( that rules out the Aussies) is highly likely to come with a significant amount of unpleasant baggage. Unfortunately that’s the world we now live in.