Corrupt and/or Bonkers

Let’s be frank, in order to own a Premiership or Championship club you need to be a Billionaire now. There are very few ‘local boy made good’ owners. Quite a lot of the new breed of owners made their money by stealing from every one of the population in their home countries – the principal owner in London being a case in point.

There has been much gnashing of teeth in South East London this am following the revelation that we might swop one nut job owner, Duchatelet for another in Fawaz Al Hasawi. He does indeed look like another example but the problem is that common sense and vision don’t normally accompany vast wealth – hubris, arrogance and corruption normally do.

Anyway, we shall see – it’s really hard to believe that any new owner could be stupider than Roland – at least the Forest bloke didn’t manage to get his club relegated.

The club statement about the EFL meeting is a case in point. It’s complete jibberish – apparently written either by a 10year old or by someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language.

I am sorry to say that any new owner of Charlton with the requisite funds ( that rules out the Aussies) is highly likely to come with a significant amount of unpleasant baggage. Unfortunately that’s the world we now live in.


3 thoughts on “Corrupt and/or Bonkers

  1. Ok What’s the Plan in the Wild West?
    I’d like to see any potential owner made (by the EFL) to issue a public statement of intent, prior to purchase, as the Aussies did and RD didn’t. RD had a completely different personal agenda to running a successful football club in terms of what is commonly thought of as doing so and no one knew that at the time until after his purchase. IMO, not even R Murray (no fan of his), who sold CAFC’s potentialto him in good faith not knowing it was completely irrelevant. That is one reason why RD’s ownership has been such a complete and utter disaster. Ok they might lie, but they should simply be made to state what they’re aim and ambition is, to try and stop this sort of debacle from happening again.

    • Dave that’s a sensible idea although I guess it’s unlikely to be anything other than a generic statement pledging to make the club progressive, work with the fans and community, etc, etc, etc.

  2. I think you are 100% right. I don’t trust any football club owners given the funds they need. This is a result of the Sky deals over the years.

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