More complete nonsense from Roland

You do wonder if Roland takes any PR advice from anyone – if he does , I suggest it’s probably Gerald Ratner.

Apparently, the recent publicity over the row over the discretionary bonuses for admin staff has “affected his ability to sell the club”. What a load of absolute cobblers. No serious interested party is going to give two hoots about the publicity accorded to this petty issue or indeed the issue itself.

In fact, if I was an interested buyer, I would think it’s great news because it just demonstrates how inept Rolands regime and management are that somehow they allowed this to occur in the first place. What idiot in management could have created a ‘discretionary bonus’ scheme with enough confusion in it that the staff actually thought it would pay out when the club is losing c £10m a year.

Any new owners would be thinking thats great it’s yet another example of how any new management team with even half a brain would be welcomed with open arms.

The statement from the club is an example of how to insult your fans collective intelligence.

Its like watching an episode of the Brittas Empire

6 thoughts on “More complete nonsense from Roland

  1. “Discretionary Bonuses” ? Me thinks they used to be called ex gratia payments ! One can only hope that the Charlton staff are not on “zero hours contracts. “

  2. Why it nonsense ….. the club have found CARD out as making up stories and lying they have made its followers look like idiots ..

    • Bob – anybody who understands PR will tell you that even referencing CARD is pointless – the club would be best advised to ignore them in public statements – secondly the assertion in the club statement that the issue has hindered the sale is utter and complete nonsense – as was the design of any such scheme by Roland’s management in the first place

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