Charlton have dropped into the abyss

I don’t know about you but losing games away at places like Rochdale and Scunthorpe and getting a lucky draw at Accrington in front of crowds of c 3,000 just shows to me how far the club has descended into the abyss.

It is frankly a disgrace and massively embarrassing for the dwindling diehard fans that still bother to go to games. It almost makes you ashamed to admit that you are a Charlton fan  – and I’ve been going week in week out now for 52 years.

I really like Lee Bowyer and I seriously hope that he can turn it around – but at some point we’ve got to stop saying how talented the players are and sort out what’s going on in games. To be honest, we’ve assembled the team for tuppence so they probably aren’t that good and probably can’t play it out from the back with 20 passes until it gets to Taylor or Grant. In which case , let’s stop trying that and get the ball forward quicker. We’ve been trying this tippy tappy stuff for 2 seasons now and it isn’t working.

maybe you have to play like Stoke in order to get out of this league – we need to be more direct and for heavens sake we won’t go anywhere unless the midfielders start to score some goals – Reeves, Fosu, Cullen, Aribo etc have to contribute.

Im not sure about all these small skilful players – what we need is a defence and midfield made up of 9 Jason Pearce’s


Daylight Robbery at The Valley

How on earth did we lose yesterday ?

We were infinitely the better side with loads of possession, a hatful of chances. Up until their first goal in the 80th minute I don’t think Coventry had actually had a shot  and then somehow we contrive to let them score two. On Tuesday night, we dominated Scunthorpe, missed two open goals in the first 15 minutes and should have won the game comfortably.

Youve got to feel for Lee Bowyer, we are playing some lovely football, the players are giving 100 % effort and on the balance of play really should have won both of these games easily. We are too open at the back and somehow he’s got to shore it up without sacrificing too much of our attacking capability.

Part of the problem is the lack of defensive options available to him. The only possible change I guess is to bring Beliek in to centre half and push Sarr to left back , putting Solly back to right back with young Dijksteel back to the bench.

It is hard to believe that we can carry on playing so well without getting better results- let’s hope so !!!!