Bielik is imperious

Far be it from me to criticise our Lee and we all make mistakes but I can’t imagine what he was thinking when he put Pratley at centre half at Rochdale and Bielik in midfield. Bielik is a monster in the making – he was imperious yesterday and together with Pearce they make a fantastic central pairing. I’m a bit worried about young Djksteel. He’s going to be a fabulous player but at the moment he has a worrying tendency to give the winger on his side of the pitch too much space.

An excellent cameo from the ‘eskimo’ ( left out in the cold) Marshall and another great shift from Joe Aribo. I thought both Reeves and Jamie Ward played well so grounds for optimism everywhere.

Anyway, all that aside, an excellent performance yesterday but the injury to Taylor is concerning – holding the ball up top will be more problematic without him. Let’s hope Karlan and Igor step up to the challenge on Tuesday at Walsall.

I agree with Lee that the team is better than last season but they need to find some consistency from somewhere and win a few games on the bounce.



2 thoughts on “Bielik is imperious

    • A2c I respect the fact that you take the time to read my ramblings but for heavens sake can’t you drop this whole xenophobes thing – no one really cares ( especially me) what nationality our owner , our manager , our players have so long as they are good for Charlton – it’s time to change your record

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