One night in Walsall

as the song goes- is like a year in any other place

Well OK maybe not but what fun we had on Tuesday night. A magnificent performance from the team, somewhat Barcelonaesque  I thought full of lovely passing and flowing movement. I wore every piece of warm clothing that I could locate only to find that it was unseasonably humid and I was sweating more than the players.

You have to say that when the team is on a going day they really are a pleasure to watch. Apart from the train service back from the Bescot to New St – what genius planned a train in the 90th minute followed by one 45 mins later- it was a great night out.

Its hard to believe that there are even 2 better teams than us in this division let alone 6, but consistency has been the problem and the injuries to Igor and Josh Cullen are bad news. Cullen in particular was brilliant on Tuesday night. Also its no coincidence that since we paired Pearce and Bielik we haven’t let a goal in for 3 games.

I can recommend the Eggs Benedict breakfast in Virgin 1st class ( senior railcard discount) back to Euston on Weds morning. Very tasty.

3 thoughts on “One night in Walsall

  1. I’m glad you ad a nice brekky, them connectin train times are shockin up north iss done to make it as ard as possible for fans. Iss another good win for ourn under King Roland n King Lee n another clean sheet to boot.

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