Use of Agency staff at CAFC

It was an excellent result today – but if we want to get promoted we will need a Jimmy Melrose or a Mark Bright as an impact goalscorer to push us over the line in January as we have in previous promotion years.

My blog tonight is about the use of agency staff behind the bar and on the food stand in Legends. I’m not opposed to the use of agency staff and I don’t want to be critical of the individual staff who try their hardest. It’s just that week after week after week after week no one knows how to work a till, pull a pint, work those hand held credit card machines or indeed catch the eye of a prospective customer. It’s Groundhog Day every Saturday.

Ive no idea whether Charlton actually care about the bar and food stand revenues if they’ve outsourced the lot , revenues and costs then maybe not – but I ( or anyone who really knew how to organise staff)  could increase revenues by at least 50%, probably more. It’s a shambles and needs to be sorted.

11 thoughts on “Use of Agency staff at CAFC

  1. Completely agree. It’s rare to find anyone who looks like they been in bar let alone worked in one. Compare it to Twickenham where you have 10× the crowd and probably 100x the consumption of food and drink over the same period and it is a disorganised shambles and a massively loss of revenue although I am not sure it is the club that benefit.

  2. Yeah well why don’t you tell the club to give theirn some trainin n thass the way to get it all sor’ed ahrt. Nothin wrong with workin for an agency n loss of people work for them nahadays as long as they get the same rate of pay n oliday pay n thass wot counts.

  3. Regardless of service standard the food and drink is sub standard quality and over priced.Hot chocolate outsid eth ground 1.00,chips outside the ground 1.80,local pubs all much cheaper and of course better standard.Will go hungry rather than buy inside ground.

    • It doesn’t really beg the question – I go every week because I’m a Charlton supporter and have been going every week for 50 years – not sure what you are suggesting – is there a sensible alternative ?

  4. I’ve managed to bring a couple of mates who aren’t Charlton fans to quite a few games and it’s always an embarrassment at half-time. The West Stand generally isn’t too bad but blimey, I’ve had to give up at half-time more than once elsewhere. Surely retaining staff would mean more income?

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  6. D’you know I thought when RD took over that we might actually get some decent Belgian beer in the club… Hmmm. Some Young’s Ordinary or Fuller’s London Pride might be nice… Yes, I’m still dreaming.
    PS How do Leyton Orient have such a good club bar??

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