Charlton were magnificent today

We played like the 3rd divisions equivalent of Man City today. I guess it’s just possible that Wimbledon were quite shockingly useless but nevertheless it was fantastic to watch. When the new Wimbledon manager says that there wasn’t much in it, did he actually  go to the game ?

If there are still people boycotting – for heavens sake – give it a rest and come back – the team are really really good – it’s lovely to watch – pass and move – pass and move – olé , ole.  I have to admit that when I said that Bielik couldn’t play defensive midfield – I was talking complete nonsense – he was quite brilliant today – he ran the game , in fact they all played really well – it’s really sad that there aren’t more people coming to watch it. We all know the owner is an idiot, but the team is really good again – come on down and see

What a lovely day and night !!


Is Gunnar in Nashville a Charlton Fan?

Well obviously I don’t know the answer, but ever since I found out that he came from Sidcup I thought well he probably ought to be even if he isn’t. He’s an excellent singer regardless of his football loyalties.

Well let’s face it we don’t want to think about Blackpool away do we ? When I watched the Burton away game last week I thought that we were so unbalanced with centre halves all over the pitch – I was pretty sure we would lose today – we deserved to lose at Burton. We let them take the ball from the edge of their box to the edge of ours without a challenge.

Beliek is a top class centre half but he’s not a defensive midfielder, at least not yet. The biggest problem we face is the loss of Josh Cullen. I’m a bit worried how we will cope without him.

I don’t agree with Lee that we need a new left back. I think we need a loan centre midfielder and a loan striker.