Charlton were magnificent today

We played like the 3rd divisions equivalent of Man City today. I guess it’s just possible that Wimbledon were quite shockingly useless but nevertheless it was fantastic to watch. When the new Wimbledon manager says that there wasn’t much in it, did he actually  go to the game ?

If there are still people boycotting – for heavens sake – give it a rest and come back – the team are really really good – it’s lovely to watch – pass and move – pass and move – olé , ole.  I have to admit that when I said that Bielik couldn’t play defensive midfield – I was talking complete nonsense – he was quite brilliant today – he ran the game , in fact they all played really well – it’s really sad that there aren’t more people coming to watch it. We all know the owner is an idiot, but the team is really good again – come on down and see

What a lovely day and night !!


3 thoughts on “Charlton were magnificent today

  1. Completely agreed.

    Fantasticly dominate from start to finish. A neutral would have assumed the 2 teams were in different leagues.

    I’m no fan of Roland and it’s sad to see so many empty seats when the product is so enjoyable. Come back, boost the team and hopefully this season will be the promotion one.

  2. Yes, I completely agree with you, we were the best side by a mile even when we were a man short. Did not create a lot of chances though for all our dominance so, 2-0 was great. It is a shame that the crowds are still small, it’s really good to watch now and you can feel we have a good chance with every match. If only we could get this Belgian Monkey off put backs, we could possible get to the next level with Bow and Jacko in charge. COYR

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