Maybe the end is in sight ?

Happy New Year to all Charlton fans and a special thanks to those of you from all over the world who take the time to read my rambles and make comments. I am always amazed at the list of countries, sometimes over 100,  where CAFC fans visit my site from.

The news this morning via Jim White at Talksport that the end of Roland may be near is obviously very welcome- the damage that he has wreaked at the club in the past 5 years is almost incalculable. Nevertheless, firstly I guess we can’t get too excited until it actually happens bearing in mind that we’ve had a few false dawns over the last year or so.

Secondly, if it does happen, let us sincerely hope that the new owners don’t start doing stupid things like Duchatelet did, i.e install an idiot inexperienced and clueless CEO, sell our best players, replace them with rubbish, get rid of an excellent manager and alienate the fans.

Even though we were in a poor league position when Roland took over we had the core of a Premiership team with Hamer, Morrison, Stephens and Kermogant and he just threw it away.

What he didn’t do as a new owner and what we need now is to keep building the team by firstly tying down the best players , ie Taylor, Grant, Aribo, Lapslie, Fosu and JFK and the younger players like Phillips, Morgan , Dijksteel, Stevenson etc.

Bowyer will know which of the experienced pros like Pearce, Bauer, Solly, etc that he needs to retain for the longer term.

Then they need to  recognise that Lee Bowyer is a bloody good manager and continue to support him by spending a bit (not gazillions) in the transfer market. Because of injuries we are desperately short all over the park.

Then they need to articulate some kind of sensible plan to our community that we can all support. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive but it will need to be sensible ambitious and properly funded – let us all hope that any new owners have done their arithmetic so that they have the funding available for us to achieve and then sustain success. 

7 thoughts on “Maybe the end is in sight ?

  1. Good points well made however we should be careful not to just accept ABR (Anyone but Roland), whoever is trying to purchase the club appears to have multiple aspects and my concern is for the long term and will they have enough resources to continue, as yet we know very little and a little bit like owners before Roland they offered a false dawn and nearly bankrupted us.

  2. I think that new owners with a positive attitude would have made their move by now. They would have taken over in the second half of December so that Bowyer could have his January transfer plans and financial resources in place for the window,

  3. Will not believe it until i see it and we have had so many false dawns and A BIG IF if it happens this month it will be on close of transfer window when we have sold Taylor, Aribo and Grant for peanuts!!!

  4. ABR (Anyone but Roland), surely it’s not possible to find another such clueless individual to run CAFC. Chris Grayling has defended his decision to award a £13.8m contract to charter extra ferries to a “start-up” company that has no ships,..and I expect will soon be looking for a job… as it’s the panto season new CEO. Hope is the word you used, may I add pray! HNY Albury and all CAFC supporters. COYR’s.

  5. This morning as in 2nd jan what did he say ?! Like all charlton fans I’m preying for the end of this nightmare and to start re building south London’s biggest club

  6. When Charlton fans realise, there is no takeover. It’s the same every transfer window. Just before the window opens takeover talk picks up, then when the window closes the talk dies down.

    Roland uses the takeover rubbish to justify a not backing the manager with any real budget and the fans fall for it every time.

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