Did Jim White jump the gun?

Like every other sensible fan I am desperate to see the back of Roland but it does feel like Jim White’s claims last week may have jumped the gun. The feedback I had was that there was nothing imminent and now Lee Bowyer doesn’t think there is anything imminent. Rick Everitt seems to be hearing it may not even be the Aussies after all. Surely one of the sensible broadsheet newspapers would have reported the deal by now, but there has been nothing from them either.

The problem is that like every other transfer window, unless you do the deal early in the window there is no point until the start of the next because you are incurring the monthly losses without being able to influence the results with new player acquisitions.

If nothing happens in the first 3 weeks of January – it seems to me that we have to wait until a new false dawn in the summer – the whole tortuous saga seems interminable.

Anybody who watched the series ‘Trust’ about John Paul Getty will have been given a glimpse into the head of an old man very much like Roland – a man rich as Croesus and a miser ( the duct taped shoes and his 70th birthday lunch in the Belgian equivalent of Nando’s) and convinced of his own rightness , given to irrational and unreasonable behaviour – that’s who any prospective purchasers have to deal with.

Anyway, let us hope my caution is unfounded and Jim White’s predictions come true for Tuesday/ Wednesday next week.

It was a fantastic game and performance and most of all a brilliant atmosphere reminiscent of the better pre Roland days . Let’s hope and pray for release soon. As I have said on here before seldom has one man made so many people miserable over such a sustained period. He owes it to us to go away, involve himself in something he actually cares about and makes him happy so we can all be happy again.

Life is too short for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Did Jim White jump the gun?

  1. As I have said before,there is no takeover. The rumours resurface every transfer window. It is just Roland paying everyone lip service to appease the protesters and justify the questionable transfer activity and the lack of any real backing of Lee aBowyer.

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