Clueless Katrien Meire continues to play the victim

I really would like to forget about Katrien Meire, surely the most incompetent and inept CEO in the history of the EFL. However, irritatingly she has popped up again in The Telegraph article this weekend in which she rambles on again about how victimised she was at Charlton – apparently we were queuing up to chuck her under a train. Passionate as Charlton fans are this is of course totally ridiculous.

The lazy journalist doesn’t ask her about the video Meire sanctioned showing a couple having simulated sex on the centre spot – surely the most disgusting and disrespectful PR stunt ever dreamt up for a family spectator sport – try explaining that idea to your 8 year old.

As we all know this was followed up with a slew of terrible decisions and subsequent  unforgivable lies to supporters all well documented.

Her finest achievement however was to preside over the systematic dismantling of the best team we have had in the past 10 years , securing a relegation and a more than 50% reduction of season ticket holders and annual revenues –  Great job Katrien

All this was achieved whilst being the chief “adviser”to the billionaire owner. Since her departure, we have appointed a really good manager, the fan communication is top drawer, the results and crowds have improved significantly and dare I say it the owner seems to be acting more sensibly. Her appointment was undoubtedly the costliest and worst decision made by Duchatelet during his ownership. Maybe it’s Roland she should be looking out for the next time she gets on a train.

Look out he’s behind you.

One thought on “Clueless Katrien Meire continues to play the victim

  1. During her time at the club she claimed that every appointment turned out to be the right decision. The interview suggests she now feels otherwise, that mistakes were made. She wasn’t lying was she?

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