Roland Duchatelet is completely Mad

So Roland’s latest brilliant proposal to the fans as delivered at last nights Fans Forum by Lieven De Baldrick, is that the club should be bought by the English Football League ( EFL). Other people have immediately dismissed his idea as something only a lunatic would suggest. Well you’re right there.

But think of the advantages, the EFL would immediately place us at the top of the Championship, no more relegations ever. We probably wouldn’t even need to play any matches. All our referees would wear the same kit as our players.

No doubt the proposal would get an immediate rubber stamp approval from the remaining 71 EFL clubs who would waive aside any thoughts of potential conflict of interest.

If you were Roland’s trusty assistant, Lieven De Baldrick do you not think that you might have mentioned to the boss that this was a blindingly stupid proposal before you allowed him to put it out in the public domain – now repeated on the club website.

As an aside, as Clive Harris pointed out at last nights fans forum, because of the nature and grammar of the graffitti left at some of Roland’s buildings on Saturday, it is highly unlikely that it was done by Charlton fans. If I was Roland, I’d check on Baldrick’s whereabouts last weekend – it was probably part of his cunning plan.

More jibberish from Charlton owner

We will have all heard the ridiculous ravings of our mad owner on Talksport yesterday. I’m not so critical of Jim White because he has , at least, kept up the pressure and profile of the ownership problems and also given Roland the opportunity to repeatedly demonstrate by his ramblings that he is as mad as a box of frogs. However, Jim appeared to feel that a few graffited slogans about Roland were akin to a triple homicide – lets get CSI Miami on the case.

Apparently Roland has decided unilaterally that foreign owners should not be allowed to invest in the EFL – I am sure that the supporters of Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City and most of the rest of the premiership will be avid supporters of Roland’s new campaign for EFLEXIT. Its likely to be as popular as his defunct political party and his stewardship of Charlton.

Roland does not seem to understand any of the basics of selling a business – the first rule of which is that an asset is only worth what someone is prepared to pay you for it, regardless of a stupid blue sky valuation from a firm of surveyors.

I think we’ve probably all run out of things to say about the depressing situation at Charlton but whilst Brentford, Fulham, Watford, Millwall, Palace and QPR, all of whom are a similar size if not smaller than Charlton end up with sensible supportive owners, we get transferred from a set of slimy chancers to a madman.

Makes you wonder what you did wrong in a previous life to be a Charlton supporter ?

Roland DuCatch 22

We need to talk about Roland.

The problem we have is that he wants to continue cutting costs at Charlton which year on year reduces our chances of success. So last year, had we have kept Ricky Holmes in the January window, we would probably have gone up

This year, we sold Grant, understandably he wanted to go to a Premiership side, but we didn’t reinvest any of the proceeds and as a result are likely to fail in the play offs again.

The good players lose heart, witness Lyle Taylor’s outburst today and Joe Aribo’s reluctance to sign a new contract. Even Lee Bowyer seems to have finally seen through the owner when previously he has resolutely towed the line for the good of the club. Watching successive managers becoming disillusioned with Roland is like watching a romantic relationship with a complete waster that everyone warns you about but you think you might be the one to change them.

”There’s no fool like an old fool” is a traditional English phrase and it certainly applies to our geriatric absentee owner.

He couldn’t care less whether we win or lose. Success on the pitch is completely irrelevant to him. Hes got so much money, he is prepared to sit and watch the club sink further and further unless someone is prepared to pay him £40 million, when its not even worth half of that.

Judging from some of his irrational and vindictive statements about supporters, he’s probably even quite keen to destroy the club to spite the supporters despite his PR about wishing to sell. I mean I’d quite like to sell my house for £10m so I’m a willing seller too, but no-one is ever going to pay me that, so I’m not really serious am I ?

It is indeed a depressing scenario for Charlton fans  and one that it is difficult to see any escape from.

It is a real shame because we’ve played really well in patches this season and with minimal extra investment i.e. one more decent striker, we would have gone up.