Roland DuCatch 22

We need to talk about Roland.

The problem we have is that he wants to continue cutting costs at Charlton which year on year reduces our chances of success. So last year, had we have kept Ricky Holmes in the January window, we would probably have gone up

This year, we sold Grant, understandably he wanted to go to a Premiership side, but we didn’t reinvest any of the proceeds and as a result are likely to fail in the play offs again.

The good players lose heart, witness Lyle Taylor’s outburst today and Joe Aribo’s reluctance to sign a new contract. Even Lee Bowyer seems to have finally seen through the owner when previously he has resolutely towed the line for the good of the club. Watching successive managers becoming disillusioned with Roland is like watching a romantic relationship with a complete waster that everyone warns you about but you think you might be the one to change them.

”There’s no fool like an old fool” is a traditional English phrase and it certainly applies to our geriatric absentee owner.

He couldn’t care less whether we win or lose. Success on the pitch is completely irrelevant to him. Hes got so much money, he is prepared to sit and watch the club sink further and further unless someone is prepared to pay him £40 million, when its not even worth half of that.

Judging from some of his irrational and vindictive statements about supporters, he’s probably even quite keen to destroy the club to spite the supporters despite his PR about wishing to sell. I mean I’d quite like to sell my house for £10m so I’m a willing seller too, but no-one is ever going to pay me that, so I’m not really serious am I ?

It is indeed a depressing scenario for Charlton fans  and one that it is difficult to see any escape from.

It is a real shame because we’ve played really well in patches this season and with minimal extra investment i.e. one more decent striker, we would have gone up.

4 thoughts on “Roland DuCatch 22

  1. tex77 I doubt it and thanks also to him and all other so – called other reliable sources. All get out of our club including the so called media teams like Charlton Live/Pass teams.

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