Roland Duchatelet is completely Mad

So Roland’s latest brilliant proposal to the fans as delivered at last nights Fans Forum by Lieven De Baldrick, is that the club should be bought by the English Football League ( EFL). Other people have immediately dismissed his idea as something only a lunatic would suggest. Well you’re right there.

But think of the advantages, the EFL would immediately place us at the top of the Championship, no more relegations ever. We probably wouldn’t even need to play any matches. All our referees would wear the same kit as our players.

No doubt the proposal would get an immediate rubber stamp approval from the remaining 71 EFL clubs who would waive aside any thoughts of potential conflict of interest.

If you were Roland’s trusty assistant, Lieven De Baldrick do you not think that you might have mentioned to the boss that this was a blindingly stupid proposal before you allowed him to put it out in the public domain – now repeated on the club website.

As an aside, as Clive Harris pointed out at last nights fans forum, because of the nature and grammar of the graffitti left at some of Roland’s buildings on Saturday, it is highly unlikely that it was done by Charlton fans. If I was Roland, I’d check on Baldrick’s whereabouts last weekend – it was probably part of his cunning plan.

One thought on “Roland Duchatelet is completely Mad

  1. Brilliant mate – nearly fell off my chair. Not sure why Roland doesn’t go higher and sell to the Premier League and then we won’t need to worry about any promotions or relegations.
    On the graffiti I’ve heard that the police are looking for a female native Flemish speaker with a Sheffield accent.

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