Direct Conversation between Supporters and Roland is needed

It is ridiculous that the dialogue between the Charlton supporters who really ‘own’ the club and Roland Duchatelet who is actually the temporary custodian of the club is all being undertaken via intermediaries like Lieven De Turck, Jim White on talksport and statements on the website or the national press.

Roland can wait until he is 100 years old and noone is going to pay him his supposed asking price because a Football ground ( particularly a community club a century old)  does not have the underlying commercial real estate value. It is also highly unlikely that the local authority would allow any residential development on the Sparrows Lane training ground.

It would be very sensible if he worked directly with the supporter groups – probably CAST – to find an elegant solution for us all to exit this mess. I have said this before but the Charlton supporter base is full of intelligent, talented and experienced people.

Roland should arrange to meet with a representative group in Belgium and at least explain his position and tell us what the ( realistic ) asking price is. All this flim flam around¬† not being able to reveal the price because of NDA’s is just complete nonsense.

The constant bickering on both sides is unlikely to get us anywhere.