East Stand Moaning

I know that we all like a bit of a moan when we go to football but I must say I got a bit fed up on Saturday with a few moaners behind me. I know we don’t score enough goals, Igor certainly looks like a bloke who has completely forgotten how to do that. However, if we win every remaining game 1-0 then that’s fine with me.

Berating the players for not lumping the ball forward or not trying hard enough to be entertaining was a nonsense. Also you wonder if these people went to the Pompey game when we were magnificent on every front.

Bradford were properly poor, playing 11 blokes behind the ball and letting us have unchallenged posssesion which was rather a surprise considering only a win would do for them. Despite what Lee has said about us being about to give a team a good tonking , to be honest, it’s never looked like that is about to happen – but what does it matter so long as we win – I couldn’t care less what the score is or indeed how we play.

We are in a decent position and have a better chance of going up than last season because the team is better and they play good football too.

Lets hope we get lucky in the play offs and let’s all get behind the team.

7 thoughts on “East Stand Moaning

  1. Couldn’t agree more. We used to be in the middle of the East stand & the ol gits used to drive us up the wall. One in particular, would call specific players out by their first names. ” oh so&so”, “not like that so&so”, “too short so&so”, “too quick so&so”. My brother used to growl at him every now & again. I only used to have a growl up, when I used to get up early just before half time to get a beer & had to listen to the tuts & grumbling. I would describe a percentage of the east stand as passionless. If your gonna shout something out, get behind the team.

  2. lol No Charlton live/ pass team are there and remember they condone live & disgusting vile personal attacks live on match day broadcast and not one apology

  3. I trust in Lee and if he says we are going to give some one a tonking then with every game that goes by and we don’t brings the likleyhood that it will be in the play offs closer! 🙂

  4. Thass juss wot i think on the moanin but the exenophobes are ahrt spouin racist abuse at Lyle n decent fans muss stand up to them n call ahrt theirn n their ilk ahrt n all.

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