Bielik’s Balls

Charlton were absolutely magnificent today. We played Luton off the park in the second half. Our midfield in particular was immense, Williams, Cullen , Bielik and Aribo and to cap it all Igor finally seems to have regained his confidence, pace and ability

I’ve got to tell you though I’m a bit worried about our Krystian’s breadbasket area. He’s either got a couple of whoppers down there that frequently get in the way or he is being deliberately targeted in that area by the opposition.

I suspect it all started when that bloke from the covered end raced on a few weeks ago and drop kicked him during his celebrations.

I’m thinking of sending my old cricket box into the club just to help him out.

Come on mate dust yourself down,  think of England or Poland and get back out there. We all absolutely love you and your balls , but obviously not in a weird way

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