Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

I’m sure we could do that instead of Allez, allez, allez.  Andrew Muir and Gerard Murphy were at the game on Sunday and by all accounts, the Aussies remain in pole position to buy Charlton. Apparently, the price has been agreed for a long time and is not affected by promotion and the Aussies have the money to do the deal.

They must have been impressed by the turn out for Doncaster and at Wembley, they can surely see and understand the potential. A mid table performance next year would have us with regular crowds of 15,000-18,000 with boycotters returning and enthusiasm high after Wembley.

It is really difficult for us mere mortals – Jim White included- to understand why the deal hasn’t been done. They’ve been at it for more than 12 months and must have enough due diligence information by now to fill a small country. Their perseverance is welcome and admirable but the takeover needs to happen NOW to capitalize on the momentum Lee and his team have created.

For heavens sake – get it done – bang the deal into the back of the net like Patrick Bauer did and we will all welcome you with open arms.

Six Seconds

It’s really difficult to even comprehend exactly what happened yesterday, other than to say it was absolutely unbearably fantastic. To win a game, any game, with only 6 seconds left is wonderful – but to win a game that meant as much as yesterday is truly magical.

Our supporters were awe inspiring, the support deafening, the players were skilful, effective and relentless, we deserved to win.

Lee Bowyer, Johnnie, Andy Marshall, Steve Gallen and all the team have done an amazing job this season. A special word to Olly Groome in the Comms team who consistently produce excellent work and to Katie and the ticketing team who have had to literally shift mountains over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to all those guys so much for giving me, my family and every Charlton supporter a fantastic season and an inspirational memory that we can treasure forever. I love you all.

Life Affirming

One of the rocks of my life has been supporting Charlton. It’s a family thing – my son says to me that the last thing Nanny said to him before she passed away was that Nicky Bailey couldn’t do it all on his own in the middle. I took her many times – I remember sitting in the Jimmy Seed with her on a cold Tuesday night and I remember sitting in the lounge in a monsoon before the West Ham game was called off- She loved going well into her eighties.

Last night I sat there with my wife, 26 year old daughter and her partner. Where does the time go?   How did I get so old ?  – I’ve still got a piece of turf in a box in my office draw from when I invaded the pitch in 1974 when we beat Preston and got promoted as a 17 year old. I’ve sat with my same mates for 50 years now.

Generations after generation – it’s what we do. It was my son’s stag weekend and he was in Edinburgh with his mates who made him watch the game in a pub wearing a Donny shirt – when we won , he ripped his shirt off , danced on the table in the pub pointing to his Charlton Tattoo .

There are loads of other things in life but there aren’t that many capable of giving those almost unbearable feelings of joy and euphoria as the end of the penalties last night.

When we go to Wembley, I will be there with my brothers, wife, kids, nephews, mates – the list is endless – just as it was when we beat Sunderland in 98 – except my son was 8 then and this time he has to get an Uber from the church where his bans for his July wedding are being read.

He’ll be there as will the rest of us – My dear old Mum will be looking down on us

its a family thing  it’s what we do – We are Charlton and she knew that.

Wall of Noise

I’ve been a bit quiet recently-  not because I’ve haven’t been Charlton engaged – I went to Plymouth, Oxford and Donny and nearly all the home games – but because there hasn’t been anything to moan about. Frankly it’s all been pretty marvellous – I’m not going to predict Friday but if it’s about the best team winning then it’s got to be us all day long. We outclassed Donny up there and let’s hope we do it again on Friday.

Donny away was an amazing experience – the last time I felt that disorientated from a wall of noise was Bryan Adams at the O2 and I only  went to that because the wife likes him. The first goal was almost unbearable in the same way – I felt like I needed to lie down or feint.

If we are lucky and we get to Wembley – the big question is – will Roland turn up ?

I know if I was paying £5m or £6m a year to own a football club – I’d want to be there- imagine if we win at Wembley and the owner grabs the trophy to hold it up in front of 40,000 Charlton Fans – could be fun ??