Wall of Noise

I’ve been a bit quiet recently-  not because I’ve haven’t been Charlton engaged – I went to Plymouth, Oxford and Donny and nearly all the home games – but because there hasn’t been anything to moan about. Frankly it’s all been pretty marvellous – I’m not going to predict Friday but if it’s about the best team winning then it’s got to be us all day long. We outclassed Donny up there and let’s hope we do it again on Friday.

Donny away was an amazing experience – the last time I felt that disorientated from a wall of noise was Bryan Adams at the O2 and I only  went to that because the wife likes him. The first goal was almost unbearable in the same way – I felt like I needed to lie down or feint.

If we are lucky and we get to Wembley – the big question is – will Roland turn up ?

I know if I was paying £5m or £6m a year to own a football club – I’d want to be there- imagine if we win at Wembley and the owner grabs the trophy to hold it up in front of 40,000 Charlton Fans – could be fun ??


3 thoughts on “Wall of Noise

  1. “for sale London based football club, great Stadium, brilliant training ground ,superb academy great management team, very talented players 25000 potential supporters etc etc
    I can’t hear you, what are you waiting for it’s a bargain, but if you are tempted, we would like you to love it just like we the fans do.

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