Six Seconds

It’s really difficult to even comprehend exactly what happened yesterday, other than to say it was absolutely unbearably fantastic. To win a game, any game, with only 6 seconds left is wonderful – but to win a game that meant as much as yesterday is truly magical.

Our supporters were awe inspiring, the support deafening, the players were skilful, effective and relentless, we deserved to win.

Lee Bowyer, Johnnie, Andy Marshall, Steve Gallen and all the team have done an amazing job this season. A special word to Olly Groome in the Comms team who consistently produce excellent work and to Katie and the ticketing team who have had to literally shift mountains over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to all those guys so much for giving me, my family and every Charlton supporter a fantastic season and an inspirational memory that we can treasure forever. I love you all.

4 thoughts on “Six Seconds

  1. Great comments Albury,got hugged yesterday by so many people I never knew ,it was fantastic, so much for PC ,so IN answer to the much asked question” If you only had ten seconds to live what would like to do most?”
    Answer score a winner at Wembley and bask in the glory of it for the remaining 6seconds.
    Mind you the last German I saw get a last minute goal at Wembley , I wasn’t so pleased about it was the world cup final. Great days .

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  3. Yeah thass juss wot I think n all words can’t describe it but the team, players, King Lee n King Roland ave all done ourn prahd.

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