Fruitcake Roland blames everyone else

The latest statement from Roland is full of blaming plus a fair degree of complete nonsense and the occasional half sensible observation.

His principal targets for blame tonight are the unthanked previous directors, Derek Chappell, Bob Whitehand and David Sumners – the inference being that they are apparently not prepared to write down or write off their loans to the Club which are secured on the property assets of the football club. The other directors are thanked even though David White, one of those thanked has tonight tweeted tonight to say that although he has agreed to discuss his loan nobody has actually discussed it further with him.

The Aussie buyers have apparently agreed a ridiculously high price with Roland but not surprisingly for that money they want clean title to the assets without the legacy charges and that’s where it’s sat for ages now.

Roland goes on to blame Lee Bowyer for not agreeing his own contract extension to allow him to offer him a better contract ( you couldn’t make up this stuff could you )

He then blames the whole football system and other championship clubs for losing  too much money like a poker player who joins the $100 a hand table but only thought it was $5 a hand. He’s right of course that the huge losses are nonsense but then that’s the game he decided to play in.

For good measure he blames Peter Varney and Rick Everitt for introducing a potentially unsuitable buyer for Charlton in the shape of the Ebbsfleet owner and tonight Rick Everitt has tweeted to say that the person they were going to introduce was both unknown to Roland because he never signed the NDA and not from the Middle East unlike the Ebbsfleet owner – so that was evidently nonsense too.

He then tells us fans that we can expect to lose more games this year and have a low budget ( to make us uncompetitive)

How fantastic , let’s get down and buy a season ticket quickly before the hordes of other enthusiastic losers get there first.

You really couldn’t write the stuff he sends out , but the trouble is -this geriatric idiot actually does.

3 thoughts on “Fruitcake Roland blames everyone else

    • Iss King Roland all the way for a2c, only yourn the ageist exenophobes spout the usual bile, thass an insult to older fans wot you post on ere. Ere e’s sortin ahrt King Lee’s contract n all yourn do is moan n spout bile. Steve as got is budget for players stayin n comin dahn our gaff n thass all yourn need to know. Ere are can yourn post withahrt shoutin, thass why I ave to wear ear plugs on ere nahadays.

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