Malicious Charlton owner out to destroy the club.

The CAFC bulletin written today (badly as usual)  by the geriatric owner Roland Duchatelet confirms that he has sacked Lee Bowyer.

In the bulletin on the official website, against all sensible HR policy, it reveals specific confidential and personal details about the failed negotiation with Lee.

He, once again, blames all the other owners of football clubs who are prepared to fund annual losses when he is not.

The resurgence of the club last year was led by and driven by Lee Bowyer and his team and the anger created by this is unlikely to be limited to action in the UK against Duchatelet. It is highly likely that our remaining best players, i.e Lyle Taylor will seek a transfer.

Many of those who had purchased season tickets will be seeking refunds and I strongly suspect that Duchatelet can look forward to some further direct action in Belgium.

He should be planning for and praying for a swift sale of the club.

2 thoughts on “Malicious Charlton owner out to destroy the club.

  1. A once great club is ever so slowly having a long painful death. And I fear that the alleged sale is no more than a smoke screen. It won’t happen. RIP CAFC.

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