Charlton valuation just too high

Another Talksport interview with Roland – another load of contradictory jibberish from Roland Duchatelet and so it goes on and on and on …………..

A lot of what he says about the EFL is correct and allowing significant annual losses without implementing more sensible Financial Fair Play rules is as he correctly points out a stupid way to run the sport. 

Any ‘asset’ is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. In Roland’s deluded mind, the price of buying the club is a separate issue from the annual running costs. This premise is obviously utter nonsense and would be nonsense in any walk of life or business scenario.

Based on a ridiculous valuation of the physical assets at The Valley and Sparrow Lane, Roland has set a price of £40m, which no sane buyer is prepared to pay because they know that the underlying value of a football club is basically zero since property development is impossible.

If Roland reduces his asking price to nil or even £10m, he would be able to sell the club tomorrow so his argument that he can’t sell the club because of the annual Operating Losses is just wrong, disingenuous and an outright lie.

The problem is and has been for the last 2 years or more is that the price he is asking for the club is far too much.

3 thoughts on “Charlton valuation just too high

  1. Spot on. It’s always “poor me” with Roland, it’s never his fault. Why he’s continually given the air time to pedal this nonsense unchallenged, I have no idea.

  2. Am sure I read at the end of the 17/18 season that the difference between what a club receives for being in the championship and league one was around £6.M, 300k for Aribo, 2.M for grant, potential £2.M windfall for look man, a reduced squad, no bonuses paid (allegedly) increased gate revenue next season, surely some profit from the playoffs, but still on the league one budget, we must be doing a bit better surely, just a smidge, a little bit maybe, enough for some bottled water maybe? Or am I just showing why I still look forward to pension day.

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