Nothing to moan about ?

When I started this blog 7 years ago, there was plenty to moan about and lots since but I’ve got to admit that as far as I can see on the Charlton front – it all seems to be going swimmingly well. We’ve assembled a good squad of players, the results are impressive, frankly the defending on Saturday was absolutely heroic, the support is constant, loud , passionate and returning.

Generally the people running the club on a day to day basis seem to be very competent. The club’s marketing and comms team and its social media activity is really excellent and has improved immeasurably over the last couple of years- particularly since that idiot Katrien left.

When you compare and contrast with Bolton and Bury, for the first time in a few years, it feels like we are a bit lucky.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t prefer a more engaged, ambitious and sane owner !

mind you the difficulty in getting a simple cup of tea in the fans lounge after matches – now there’s a topic to get me going again ………………………………………………………….

Roland had a good window ?

I’m conscious that I won’t be popular for this, but anyone who reads my blog will know how consistently critical I have been of Roland. Our relegation and subsequent decline were a direct result of his bad management. Our resurgence has been achieved by Lee Bowyer, JJ and Steve Gallen.

However, I think he had a good transfer window – we signed some excellent players, admittedly mostly on loan and we sold Dijksteel which was disappointing , but apparently sanctioned by the management team, we actually tried to spend the £2m fee on Ivan Toney and the owner rejected a bid of £4.5m for Lyle Taylor.

Give the bloke some credit for these actions – he continues to pay the bills and provided the financial support to be competitive in the league.

We all know his asking price for the club is too high, but if he consistently acted more sensibly as he did in this window and supports Lee in the January window, I for one would give him a bit of a break……………………….. for now !!!