Roland had a good window ?

I’m conscious that I won’t be popular for this, but anyone who reads my blog will know how consistently critical I have been of Roland. Our relegation and subsequent decline were a direct result of his bad management. Our resurgence has been achieved by Lee Bowyer, JJ and Steve Gallen.

However, I think he had a good transfer window – we signed some excellent players, admittedly mostly on loan and we sold Dijksteel which was disappointing , but apparently sanctioned by the management team, we actually tried to spend the £2m fee on Ivan Toney and the owner rejected a bid of £4.5m for Lyle Taylor.

Give the bloke some credit for these actions – he continues to pay the bills and provided the financial support to be competitive in the league.

We all know his asking price for the club is too high, but if he consistently acted more sensibly as he did in this window and supports Lee in the January window, I for one would give him a bit of a break……………………….. for now !!!

10 thoughts on “Roland had a good window ?

  1. Yup this is something I have written about myself several times in the past, we are all aware of The owners short commings and I too am not waving a flag for him, the players and managers and other people who were brought in to the detriment of this club are well documented, , and to be quite honest we were a laughing stock. The main points I raised in the past were, the previous owners left us with no pitch to play on, pink seats and the Club on the road nowhere, when they were selling the club a friend of my a” black cab green badge “picked up one of them my mate chatted to him, and his reply was” look mate just want to get shot of the” F….. ING thing” the “F…… Ing
    Thing” being the football club we love, another previous owner tried to sell the ground to build houses, another owner took us to within 5 minutes of non existance. The Club are now at least somewhere unimaginable 2 years ago, if Bowyer and his team are demonstrating to the owner that there is indeed a better way then why rock the boat, I doubt if I will ever meet the owner just like I never met any of the others, and I started following Charlton in 1961, and as John Cleese famously once said, “I should know I’ve followed a few” but we seem to be on an upward curve at the moment, Wembley, promotion, talented players arriving by hook or by crook, and I totally agree Albury, let’s make this club into an attractive proposition for a potential invester, Wembley was a great advert, nearly 18000 at the Valley on Saturday, would you fly to Hong Kong for a fun weekend at the moment? it’s as simple as that, I think the CARD protests in the main have been a good thing in raising awareness at our plight, but at the moment people will point to the likes of Bury and Bolton and will look at Charlton at the moment and say “so what’s your problem”. if we are still doing OK in January and The owner decides to cash in on our assets etc, yes time for action, but I think it’s a time to stand back and hold fire for a while, let’s attract buyers not put doubt into their minds, but the RIGHT buyers.

  2. Probably right, we will see in the January window if we keep Taylor and others if we start to fall off the pace.
    Then on the other hand, if we are still in contention will he keep them all and increase the squad.
    Possibly hoping to sell a premiership club for an even greater amount.

  3. I think he’s a lucky owner to have Lee Bowyer and team in charge at the moment. We still have the lowest playing budget in the division, whether that’s competitive is debatable. I’m afraid the bar has dropped so low now for Roland that not selling our star player is a pleasant surprise.

  4. I agree Albury- the feel good factor is back at The Valley and RD has said he wants to sell. Not sure CARD will continue to get the support st the moment. RD is still a strange person and deluded about the valuation and the response he’ll get from us Brits to his nonsense.

    But I agree it’s better to focus on supporting Bows and the lads right now. We have a decent team and a great manager and things are on the up. The truth is many of the owners we’ve had have been rubbish but despite this the team has ups and downs almost always because of the quality and leadership of the on play management. Lennie, Curbs and now Bows.

  5. Agreed. He could perhaps have put a little more in terms of wages on the table for Taylor though.
    Aribo, never going to compete with Rangers and Bauer could probably have been tempted

  6. Agree with your sentiments Albury.

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Roly best advice is when you are in a hole…stop digging ! The latest website statement just seems to add fuel to the fire and no doubt the Rickster is assiduously composing his response !

    As for Card there is a very fine balance between gaining support to achieve your objectives and alienating it.

  7. The less influence Roland has in our club the better. Most player assets have been sold, all the money he has put into our club is just loaned and we have survived without a CFO for nearly 2 years. Every potential chance to sell, Roland has somehow scuppered. Dalman would have been a drream come true for our club. Even now he could wake up one morning and want to give real support and be part of our amazing success… but he doesn’t. He only cares about himself. He didn’t even go to Wembley because he feared for “his own” safety, I personally believe the pressure on him needs to be maintained and eventually he will just give in and sell at a sensible price.

    • Roly should have no fears for his safety should ever he visit Charlton or Wembley for that matter as the performance artist known as Boris ( but otherwise called Al by his friends and relatives ) has promised us 25,000 more Police. I believe everything that Boris says….wait at moment a man in a white overall is approaching me with my medication……zzzzz !

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