Nothing to moan about ?

When I started this blog 7 years ago, there was plenty to moan about and lots since but I’ve got to admit that as far as I can see on the Charlton front – it all seems to be going swimmingly well. We’ve assembled a good squad of players, the results are impressive, frankly the defending on Saturday was absolutely heroic, the support is constant, loud , passionate and returning.

Generally the people running the club on a day to day basis seem to be very competent. The club’s marketing and comms team and its social media activity is really excellent and has improved immeasurably over the last couple of years- particularly since that idiot Katrien left.

When you compare and contrast with Bolton and Bury, for the first time in a few years, it feels like we are a bit lucky.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t prefer a more engaged, ambitious and sane owner !

mind you the difficulty in getting a simple cup of tea in the fans lounge after matches – now there’s a topic to get me going again ………………………………………………………….

8 thoughts on “Nothing to moan about ?

  1. Seeing the plight of Bolton and Bury does put things a tad into perspective; how a few bad decisions can swiftly lead to a dire situation. I still find it frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be any plausible end game with Roland and CAFC but more importantly queuing up for a beer at half time, getting to the front to be told by the cashier they don’t take card payments…. FFS!

  2. Yes, agree there is always something to moan about and one has to pinch oneself often in the Real World and yes so sad about Bury and indeed Bolton.
    CAFC, of course, was within minutes of going under in 1984 and who knows on our still uncertain future and at the time was working around the corner near the High Court in Holborn. and probably a few more times and many other clubs, no doubt
    In the main the communication department, but some of the in-house media it must be said ie Charlton Live/Pass teams it must be said Condon live and insulting remarks live on matchday broadcast and NOT ONE sincere direct apology..
    But allow some of their individuals to swear live on other match day broadcasts and on-site posting AND NOTHING at all done about it.
    Yes, one rule for the media who stick together, regardless of differing opinions from the genuine supporters
    Very sad about Bury and yes many smaller clubs are proper Community clubs as well.
    Also as stated on Talksport and mirrored my views a long time ago the case of Bolton is not just about football, but the huge value of the land and of course CAFC is in the same boat and been thinking this is the aim of the current RAT.
    I know nothing can be done for 5 years, but like the playing field money talks and yes very fearful of the immediate future of CAFC.

  3. The owner still needs to dip his hand into his wallet , contracts to sort out or we will lose vital players and management , we have a outside chance of doing a Huddersfield ,maybe it’s a pipe dream with this owner but the position we are in this is the best time to sell if he drops his selling price, us fans can only hope, to finish let’s not rattle his cage to much , think of Bury and Bolton it could be worse.

    • Just seen the report the bookies fav for the Huddersfield managers is lee Bowyer ,this is not a shock with our league position this was always going to happen, now is the time to act Roland before it’s to late ,spend a little of your millions give Bowyer a contract he deserves, you can see the worse happening Bowyer leaves could take Jackson with him and a mass exodus of players who are there because of Bowyer .

  4. Hi Albury, Moaning is an integral part of being a football supporter, and in days gone by it was always seen as an oasis for the hard pressed bread winner of the family to go to a match on a cold wet afternoon standing out in the rain on a crumbling terrace leaning up against a rusting crush barrier, taking a pee up against a concrete wall with only a concrete screen to protect one’s dignity, the half time feast being a bag of peanuts from the big fat guy who affectionately became known as “peanut” and against this background the supporter vented his splean. Now just to quantify these thoughts I don’t think the way things are now are wrong it’s just the way they are, comfortable stadia, great catering, if not just a bit pricey, but the constant moans now seem to be about finance, Premier league supporters complaining that their clubs haven’t even spent £100M in the transfer window, players moaning that they have only been offered £200,000 a week, in the EFL unless things change this policy of allowing clubs to be £13M a year in debt, to me sounds like the route map to oblivion, or part time football clubs, at the risk of sounding like a” Quisling”, as” troublesome”as this “priest Roly is, and I know many want shot of him, he pays the bills, and keeps the “Abbey” open, probably something the beleaguered fans of Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers would crave at the moment, many Championship Clubs are chasing the Elderado of the Premier league at the moment, but the facts are always the same, only three will go up, and a worse fate awaits another three, whoops there goes another £13M

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